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Julie Anne Quill 2016
Children: Archie; Shay (Stepdaughter), Tom (Stepson)
Occupation: Owner of Lassiter's Hotel and Quill Group

When Paul Robinson, believing that he was dying from cancer, sold Lassiter's Hotel to the Quill Group, he quickly changed his mind when he learnt that he'd been conned by twisted Dr Nick Petrides and wasn't dying after all. To oversee the transition, Quill had hired Ezra Hanley, who was later arrested for sexual assault, and Paul managed to use this information to blackmail Quill into selling the hotel back to him. Later in the year, with hotel manager Terese Willis in hospital, mysterious Shay Daeng arrived to fill in for her, and was later revealed to be the stepdaughter of Julie Quill. By the time Paul and Terese had realised her true identity, it was too late, as Shay had managed to uncover details of Paul's recent dodgy dealings with the council and the bank had seized his assets and sold the hotel out from under him - with the Quills swooping in and getting the property back.

Shay explained, before leaving for Dubai, that Quill would retain the Lassiter's name, and would keep Terese on as manager, and a week later, Julie arrived to have a look at her latest acquisition. It quickly became clear that, following some earlier meetings, and what was described as 'a holiday romance' in their past, there was no love lost between Paul and Julie, and when she learnt that his nephew Daniel had applied for a job at Lassiter's, she made it clear that she would not be employing a member of the Robinson family. After interviewing, and turning down, Daniel, and talking to Terese about the struggles she'd faced as a woman in the industry after inheriting her husband's company, Julie was planning to leave, but she soon ran into Paul, who was still furious about the way that Quill had stolen his hotel away. Julie was unapologetic, but after seeing Paul interacting with Daniel, she realised that uncle and nephew weren't getting along well, and decided that perhaps Daniel might be worth having as an employee, but warned Terese that if there were any problems, she would be responsible.

A few weeks later, Daniel and Terese were intrigued when a mysterious contractor, who Daniel later learnt was an engineer, arrived and took delivery of several boxes for the storeroom. Julie then turned up for a visit and asked Terese to put together a list of the lease holders in the Lassiter's complex, and how long their contracts had to run. She refused to explain the reason behind that, and the engineer's visit, and was soon distracted when Paul suddenly turned up at the house. He'd been lodging with Terese since his eviction from the Lassiter's penthouse, but knowing that she would lose her job if she was found to be helping him, he quickly covered and left. Julie then explained to Terese that Paul had once treated her very badly, getting her into bed, then going off with another woman the next day, and she'd never forgiven him for his behaviour. Later, still intrigued by the goings-on at the hotel, Terese decided to let herself into the storeroom, and was surprised to find a model of Lassiter's. She was quickly caught out by Julie, who swore her to secrecy, and explained that the plan was to get rid of the buildings that housed Harold's Cafe and Rebecchi Law and build another hotel tower and slash room prices- in the process destroying the livelihoods of Lauren and Toadie, and also ruining Paul's latest business plan - a motel.

When Julie returned to Erinsborough a few weeks later, she was determined to ruin Paul's bid to host the 2016 Erinsborough Citizen of the Year ceremony. She interrupted Paul's meeting with Sonya Rebecchi, Erinsborough's new Mayor, and managed to get the Citizen of the Year launch party held at Lassiter's. Although Paul was disappointed, fate soon swung his way - after he managed to arrange for the Lassiter's chef to get a better offer and quit - when the launch party catering left many of the guests, including Sonya, with food poisoning, and she decided to award the hosting of the ceremony to Robinsons Motel.

Upon her next visit, Julie had already sent her stepson Tom along, in his role as Acquisitions Manager, to oversee his first big project - the building of the second tower at Lassiter's. Tom had already managed to use his relationship with Aaron Brennan, Sonya's executive assistant, to find out which of the local people were objecting to the building, and had smooth talked them all into withdrawing their objections. When Julie and her obnoxious teenaged son Archie arrived, she was annoyed to hear that the environmental report for the proposed building still hadn't been approved, putting pressure on Tom to do so. Tom then managed to con Aaron into telling who was completing the report, before buying him off and replacing the negative report with a far more positive, doctored version. However, when Tom's actions were uncovered, Julie promptly distanced herself from him and his actions, which seemed to have cost the hotel their second tower. However, never one to give up easily, she was delighted when Robinsons Motel lost their liquor licence and the Citizen of the Year was awarded to Lassiter's, using the opportunity to relaunch the bid for a second tower. But the day quickly turned to disaster when the boiler exploded, leaving locals dead and injured, with Tom a prime suspect for causing the disaster. When Julie met up with Paul and Terese at the hospital, she explained that the police had been asking questions about previous problems at the hotel, when the air conditioning had been tampered with, whilst also telling them that Tom had left for Sydney the previous day and couldn't have been responsible for what had happened.

When Tom's hotel ID was then found on the stairs leading down to the underground car park, which had caved in, Julie felt terrible about the way she'd treated her stepson, hopeful that he would still turn up safe and sound. As the days passed, she took out her anger on Paul and his associates, sacking Steph from her job at The Waterhole, as she was also in business with Paul at his motel. With Terese struggling to cope - as her son Josh and father-in-law Doug had both been victims of the explosion - she also employed Sarah Beaumont as interim manager of the hotel, and questioned Aaron about Tom's whereabouts on the day it had happened. Unbeknownst to Julie, Aaron was struggling to keep the secret that he'd seen Tom in the underground car park, and had punched him and left him for dead. When Tom finally did turn up, Julie was relieved to learn that he had a watertight alibi, and after his questioning, she agreed to pay his bail, even though it seemed that he no longer wanted anything to do with his stepmother.

The following month, Julie had other family matters to deal with, when her son Archie got into a fight with Charlie Hoyland, Steph's son. The boys had claimed that they'd been fighting over their remote-controlled cars, but Steph's boyfriend Mark later forced Archie to admit that he'd been bad-mouthing Steph, and that Charlie had angrily come to her defence. Whilst at the hotel, Julie also bumped into Terese, and asked her why Cecilia Saint - who Paul had hired to ruin the Citizen of the Year Awards, and who had recently come forward to claim that Paul had confessed that he'd been behind the explosion - had been employed by one of the catering companies used by Lassiter's. Though Terese tried to act surprised, Julie said that she wouldn't ask any other questions about it, and was just pleased that Paul seemed to be getting what he deserved. Terese had actually given Cecilia the job in return for her false statement about Paul's confession, and was quickly beginning to regret what she'd done, but knew that revealing the truth would land her in jail. A couple of weeks later, at Paul's trial, Julie turned up with events well underway, and arrived to find Terese admitting to the court that she'd paid Cecilia for the false testimony she'd given earlier that day. Despite this, Julie was delighted as Paul was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 18 years in prison, and she later made it clear that she'd been seeking financial compensation for the damage to her business, and she also told Terese that, due to her illegal actions, they would have to let her go as manager of the hotel.

Only two weeks later, the truth about the explosion finally came out, as the mysterious John Doe got his memories back, realising that he was actually a Catholic priest named Jack Callahan, and he finally knew why he'd been at Lassiter's when the boiler blew up. Julie had actually been behind it all, paying Jacka to do the work for her, hoping that it would cause enough damage to claim the insurance, but not to injure anyone. Julie then confessed what she was planning to a priest - Jack Callahan - in Elliot Park, and when the disaster proved to be bigger than either of them had intended, Julie and Jacka had framed Paul for the crime. But with Jack's evidence, along with that of receptionist Wendy, who'd been bribed to lie - Julie and Jacka were unable to worm their way out of the situation. Julie was arrested in front of a shocked crowd as she reopened Lassiter's Hotel following its rebuild, and after confessing everything, she was charged and taken away to prison.

Trivia Notes
Gail Easdale is the real-life wife of Stefan Dennis, who plays Paul Robinson

7277, 7302, 7320, 7329, 7332, 7335, 7336, 7340, 7349, 7354, 7357, 7374, 7382, 7393, 7394

Biography by Steve