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Byron Stone 2022, 2023-
Lived: 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Jane Harris and Vic Stone
Siblings: Nicolette Stone
Occupation: Lawyer, Male Escort, Lassiters Hotel Porter/Concierge

The confident son of Jane Harris and Vic Stone, Byron was seen by his sister Nicolette as the golden child, with Jane thrilled to receive a gift or a phone call from him while he was away travelling. When he finally turned up in Erinsborough, Jane was delighted, particularly as he explained that he was planning to stick around, but Nicolette was immediately irritated by his presence, and the two would easily start bickering - with Jane generally taking Byron's side.

Jane then suggested that Byron could use his law degree to find work in the area, mentioning that their neighbour Toadie Rebecchi had his own law practice. Though, at first, this proved to be unsuccessful, Byron proved to be useful when he overheard Toadie chatting to client Terese Willis about her divorce from Paul Robinson. With Byron's help, Toadie and Terese managed to prove that Paul had been hiding assets, and an impressed Toadie asked Byron to come on board as a junior associate. It quickly became clear, however, that Byron was hiding something, as he visited wealthy Danielle Pendlebury. Though it looked like Byron was taking secret documents from Toadie's offer and giving the information to Danielle, it soon became clear that this was actually role-play, and that Byron was working as a male escort, by the name of Harvey J.

As Byron continued to see Danielle, he overheard her on the phone one day, seemingly planning a date with another man. When he then met Clive Gibbons, his mum's boyfriend, Byron was surprised to realise that he'd heard his voice before - during the call with Danielle. Convinced that Clive was cheating on his mum, Byron tried to get proof, raising Nicolette's suspicions with his odd behaviour. After Byron then had a narrow escape, after being booked by neighbour Amy Greenwood, he decided to come clean to Nicolette about his side hustle as an escort, as well as why he believed that Clive was cheating. Looking for proof, Byron attempted some more role-play with Danielle, blindfolding her while he looked through her phone. This plan ended badly, as she caught him and, believing that he was trying to rob her, she threw him out. Noticing that her phone was open to Clive's contact details, Danielle called him and asked him to come over. When Nicolette then saw Clive heading off in a hurry, she followed and managed to get a photo of him with Danielle.

Believing that they had enough proof, Byron and Nicolette shared their suspicions with Jane, who was confused about how they'd ended up with this information, but also worried that Clive was cheating on her. Clive explained to Jane that he'd once had a brief relationship with Danielle - when he was working as a GP in Sydney and she'd been his patient. Though he'd quickly ended things, fearing it would ruin his career if the truth got out, Danielle had recently moved to Melbourne and donated a great deal of money to Erinsborough Hospital, where Clive was Chief Operating Officer. Though Clive insisted that he hadn't cheated, he admitted that he'd tried to keep Danielle close, worried that having her offside could do a lot of damage.

With Jane and Clive's relationship hanging by a thread, the truth about Byron's escort work also came out. Jane was stunned, and even Byron's great-grandmother Nell Mangel made her feelings known, as her portrait fell from the wall at the exact moment he confessed! Though the secret had brought Byron and Nicolette closer for the first time in years, it came between Byron and his mum, as Jane struggled to understand what her son had been doing, eventually telling him that he would have to choose between escorting or a career in law. Jane was stunned when Byron said that he was sticking with escorting. With their relationship badly damaged, Byron decided that it might be best to get some space between them, and he broke the news that he'd accepted an offer from one of his clients to spend some time in Cape Town with her. Realising that she could be about to lose her son for good if she wasn't careful, Jane told Byron that she loved him and hoped that he would come back and see her once the dust had settled.

When Byron returned to Erinsborough, Jane was delighted to have him back in her life, and he seemed to want to settle down, as he moved into the share house at 32 Ramsay Street with Haz and Mackenzie, and found employment as a porter at Lassiters Hotel, becoming the new protege of owner Paul Robinson.

When wealthy American guest Reece Peters arrived at the hotel, it wasn’t long before she and Byron started a secret relationship. After a few weeks, as Byron tried to find out more about her and she continued to be evasive, he caught her out in a lie, as she claimed to be staying around for a conference that didn’t actually exist. When Byron went through her papers, he realised that she was actually a member of the Sinclair family, who had become Paul’s silent partners in the hotel. Byron quickly started to back off from Reece, worrying about keeping her identity a secret, but it wasn’t long before Paul’s sister Lucy, who was also Head of Lassiters Worldwide, recognised her and exposed who she really was. Paul then proceeded to try to win over Reece, who admitted that during her three weeks at the hotel, she’d been quite unimpressed with some of the employees and facilities.

Byron was then put in an awkward position when, noticing that Reece seemed to like Byron, Paul asked him to keep an eye on her and try to find out some ways to impress her. Reece, meanwhile, was looking for ways to win Byron back, and when she realised that she’d upset him by firing his friend Holly Hoyland, she hired her back. As he and Reece resumed their relationship, Byron found himself caught between her and Paul, both trying to get one up on the other. As Paul struggled to dig up much dirt on Reece - other than the fact that she’d failed to attend the Sinclair family’s annual summit shortly before she arrived in Australia - he hoped that she might just leave town, as her work was done and the improvements to the hotel had been made. Unfortunately for Paul, Reece was enjoying her time with Byron, but was also being told by her father that she had something she had to do in Erinsborough, and couldn’t leave until that job was done.

When Paul did some detective work and uncovered the secret relationship, he also told Reece about Bryon's past as 'Harvey J' and she was upset, ending things between them. A drunken Byron then made his feelings for Reece very clear, shouting at her to take him back, in front of everyone at the Lassiters Complex. Reece took him to sober up, and he opened up to her about his past, as she did the same, revealing that she'd been married twice, both times to men who just wanted her money. Agreeing to a fresh start, Byron took Reece to the beach for their next date, where she opened up some more, but Byron was unaware that she was still holding something back.

As Reece made excuses not to spend time with him, Byron was confused to learn that she'd been seen shopping at the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation and spotted crying on The 82 tram. Byron then followed her to an empty hotel room, where she finally admitted the truth - she was in Australia to track down her missing half-sister, Krista. She explained that, although she'd been sent to do the job, she and Krista had a difficult relationship and she'd been slow to act. However, after spotting hotel maid Katrina Marshall with a sun necklace in the lost property, she'd been reminded of the bond that she and Krista once shared. Reece showed Byron her own matching moon necklace - the pair of necklaces having been a gift from their grandmother - and explained that wild child Krista had been staying at the hotel a year earlier, but had disappeared. Having asked hotel staff for some help with 'market research', she'd figured out that Krista had definitely stayed as Lassiters, but was no closer to figuring out where she'd gone after that.

Reece told Byron that Krista had always struggled with being part of the Sinclair family and the expectation that she would join the family business and had disappeared to Australia. Almost a year earlier, Krista had asked Reece for money and, when she was turned down, she had sent Reece a postcard from Lassiters, saying that she was dead to her. That postcard had been the last contact any member of the family had had with Krista. As it became increasingly clear that she wasn’t just going to turn up one day, Conrad Sinclair decided to take an opportunity to buy into the hotel, sending Reece out there to search for her missing sister, not wanting to involve the police or bring any negative press to the family.

Byron understood why Reece had kept quiet, but offered to help her in the search, soon finding out that she had used the garage at Lassiters, meaning that she must have had a car. As they edged closer to the truth, they found that car that she had used, with Reece offering its owner, Theo, five thousand dollars for it. Feeling that she was finally making progress, Reece was worried when Tess Carmichael - her father's right-hand woman who had been sent to check on her - returned, unimpressed that the car was pretty much all Reece had to go on. To make matters worse, Paul was still determined to dig up dirt on Reece and get her out of Erinsborough, and he took great pleasure in telling Tess that Reece had lied about her identity when she arrived, and that she was dating Byron, a former escort. Tess then told Reece that she was going to take over the search, and that Reece would be returning to the US. Reece, however, was determined that she wasn’t going to give up, or leave Australia, with Tess finally relenting, but before she left, she told Reece that her father was struggling to cope and his health was suffering.

Having found out that Krista’s car had previously been registered to a John Walter in Robinvale, Reece and Byron decided to go there and see if he knew anything. On the way, they found out that John was overseas, but decided to press on and try asking at some hostels, as it wasn’t a big town and somebody might recognise Krista. At one hostel, they found out that she had been staying under her fake name, Kelly Miller, with two other guests, but were in for a huge shock when they spotted a photo of her posted on the hostel’s notice board with Holly Hoyland and her ex, Eden Shaw. Though neither of them knew Eden, they immediately recognised Holly and wondered why she had never mentioned anything. Arriving back in Erinsborough that night, Reece received devastating news when Holly told her that Krista was dead.

The full story had just emerged that day - Krista had met Holly and Eden two years earlier, whilst in Erinsborough looking for Melanie Pearson, the Sinclair family’s former housekeeper in London. Melanie and Krista had once been close, and Mel had tried to help Krista years earlier when she had developed a drug problem. Having gone to a drug deal in Krista’s place to try and get the dealers to leave the 16-year-old alone, Melanie had been left holding the drugs during a bust and had been arrested. Krista bailed her out and helped her to get out of the country and back to Australia, where she spent many years worried that the police would catch up with her. Krista, meanwhile, had met Holly and Eden. Holly had family in the area, but had decided to keep away from them, angry at her mum, Izzy’s, behaviour. Eden had persuaded her to go travelling and, after learning that Krista - or Kelly as they knew her - was from a wealthy family, he asked her to join them.

After a year travelling around Australia, they had returned to Erinsborough. Eden and Krista had started hooking up behind Holly’s back and, when she found out, she dumped him and returned to her family on Ramsay Street. Plying former addict Krista with drugs and seeing her as a better meal ticket than Holly, Eden tried to get her to approach Melanie for more money. The plan ended badly when, one night at the Lassiters rooftop pool, Krista tried to blackmail Melanie, who angrily pushed her away. Krista fell into the water, hitting her head, and Melanie, believing she was dead, rushed to hotel owner Paul for help. Paul rushed up to the roof, where he found no sign of Krista, but Eden there waiting for him, eager to cut a deal. Paul agreed to pay him half a million dollars for his silence, with his actions causing a huge fallout, as he left his wife, Terese, rather than tell her the truth. Similarly, Melanie walked out on her marriage to Toadie and left town, with others who’d been aware of what had happened, including Paul’s son, David, and Byron’s sister, Nicolette, also leaving town in the aftermath - which was when she had contacted Byron and encouraged him to return to town to support their mum.

Still believing that Krista was dead, Reece became determined to find Eden and learn what he’d done with her sister’s body. With help from Holly, Eden was tracked down to an abandoned house and arrested, but the biggest shock came when Holly and the police found Krista, still alive, sleeping on a mattress in the basement. It emerged that Eden had taken Krista away from Erinsborough, aware that he could only blackmail Paul and Melanie if they thought that she was dead. After the half a million dollars had run out, and Krista continued to refuse to contact her family for more money, Eden found that he had less use for her, eventually going back to Paul for more money, then breaking into Melanie’s house. With Eden arrested and denied bail, Krista was taken to hospital, where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and started going through drug withdrawals. After initially refusing to see Reece, she finally agreed and the sisters had a heart-to-heart, with Reece returning the lost sun necklace to Krista.

Just as things seemed to be improving, Reece learnt from Tess that Conrad had suffered a massive stroke. As she had power of attorney, everyone was turning to Reece to find out what was going to happen, and she realised that she was going to have to return to New Hampshire to see her father and take control of SinCast. After asking Byron to keep an eye on Krista as she prepared to go into rehab, and telling Paul that she hoped he’d end up in prison for his behaviour, Reece said a sad farewell to Byron, who was unaware that she was unlikely to be coming back, but was sparing his feelings by not telling him.

Byron focused his efforts on helping Krista, who insisted that she didn't want to go into rehab, preferring to take a room at Lassiters instead. Byron had just quit his job when Paul refused to give him time off to visit Reece in the US, and continued to struggle when news came through that Conrad had died, with Reece saying that she didn't want her sister to find out yet, worried that it would harm her recovery. Unfortunately, Holly heard the news and went to visit Krista, causing her to almost relapse when she found out. As David helped Krista, by convincing her to go into rehab and offering to be her sober companion when she came out, Byron was starting to feel pushed out, with Reece barely contacting him. He decided that his best hope was to see her in person, getting on standby for a flight to the US just before Christmas, but he was left devastated when, hours before he was due to go, a package arrived from Reece. It contained a star necklace and a letter explaining that she was grateful to him for everything, but they could no longer be together, as he would get lost in her chaotic life in America.

After briefly considering a return to escorting, Byron realised that he'd just be running away from his problems and he accepted an offer to return to work at the hotel, this time as the concierge. When David Tanaka, the father of Nicolette's daughter Isla, died suddenly, Byron helped his sister and extended family, and supported Sadie Rodwell when she made the very public announcement that Paul was indirectly responsible for his son David's death. When Byron and Sadie's friendship then turned to something more and they slept together, they both tried to pretend that they were happy for it to be a one-off. However, when Byron then found out from Holly that Sadie had been hoping to ask him if she could lose her virginity to him - due to his past work as an escort - he started to wonder if she'd been using him all along. After a chat with Haz, Byron realised that he needed to get an explanation from Sadie, who admitted that she'd come close to asking him if he would be her first sexual partner, but thought better of it, worried that it would spoil their friendship. She said that their night together had happened organically and she was happy about it, but also said that she thought that they should just remain friends. Byron agreed to this, but was clearly disappointed and began to realise that he saw Sadie as more than a friend.

Trivia Notes
• Joe Klocek previously appeared in 2017 as Evan Lewis
• Byron and Nicolette had the nicknames Jig and Bellamy - these were the nicknames that Neighbours scriptwriter Emma J Steele and her brother used for each other
• Joe Klocek played Byron during guest appearances in 2022, with Xavier Molyneux taking over when the character became a regular fixture in 2023
• Xavier had originally auditioned for the role of Byron in 2022, getting down to the final two, before losing out to Joe. When Joe declined to return to the cast in 2023, Xavier was offered the role

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