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Tanya Tasker 2008
Occupation: Music Agent

After his girlfriend Rachel arranged for renowned music agent Tanya Tasker to come and see him play, Ty Harper was nervous, as he'd recently injured his hand playing football and was struggling to cope. When Tanya turned up, a panicky Ty did a runner, and his friends were forced to cover up, offering Tanya food and drink whilst Rachel went looking, returning just as Tanya was about to give up. Impressed with his performance, Tanya told him that one of her bands, Independent Means, had just lost their lead singer, and she was willing to offer Ty the job, but it would involve leaving almost immediately on a six-month tour of Japan. After thinking over the offer and realising that he'd be a fool to turn it down, Ty had lawyer Toadie look over the contract and signed it, with Tanya promising that, if he trusted her, she would make sure that he was able to play his own material further down the line, while he neglected to tell her that he was currently battling a painkiller problem thanks to his injured hand.

Tanya soon set about publicising her new signing with a photoshoot, but Ty was unhappy with it, and suggested that maybe they try something else. Unfortunately, this gave her the idea to get him shirtless and smother him in baby oil. Afterwards, she noticed that he was having trouble with his wrist, and gave him some painkillers, which he tried to refuse, but he insisted. When Rachel later found them, she was furious with Tanya for putting temptation in his way, and went down to the bar to return the pills, though Tanya wasn't phased, simply telling Rachel that she wasn't welcome on Ty's journey to stardom. The following days were filled with styling sessions and interviews, and Rachel admitted to Ty that she didn't trust Tanya at all. When Tanya then called at number 32 to collect Ty for his first meeting with the band, he told her about Rachel's misgivings, as Tanya started to flirt, undoing Ty's shirt buttons. But when he turned her down, she turned on him, warning him that he'd just made the biggest mistake of his life, before storming out of the house. The next day, as Ty was preparing for his trip to Japan, Tanya called by to tell him that he was no longer needed, as they'd found someone else, claiming that Ty's pre-existing health issues were the reason.

Episodes Featured
5584, 5585, 5586, 5589, 5591

Biography by Steve