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Guest Character Profiles > Michelle Tran HaiHa Le

Michelle Tran 2011
Occupation: Florist

Chatty florist Michelle Tran first arrived in Ramsay Street when she found out that her personal trainer, Jade Mitchell was looking for a new housemate. After looking at the room and meeting the third housemate Kyle Canning, Michelle decided to take the room, but her taste in porcelain dolphins left a lot to be desired. Although Kyle failed to see it, Jade quickly found herself extremely irritated by the newcomer, and the situation got worse as Michelle interrupted Jade and Kyle's attempts to keep their relationship a secret and borrowed Jade's clothes without asking.

On a night out with Jade, Kyle and their friend Kate Ramsay, Michelle continued to interfere, seeing that Kyle had feelings for Kate and was upset about her having a one-night-stand recently, she decided to confront Kate. Her actions only served to upset Kyle too, leaving her with no friends at home. But Michelle had found affection elsewhere, as she started dating neighbour Lucas Fitzgerald. It wasn't long before she was annoying Lucas too, however, as she tried to get him to open up about his dad, who had recently died and left Lucas a large inheritance. When Michelle started planning a holiday for them, Lucas had finally had enough of her annoying personality and he dumped her. Michelle was already furious about that when Jade told her that they'd like her to move out. Michelle wasn't about to go easily though, and pointed out that her name was on the lease so she was staying. In an attempt to get rid of her, Kyle and Jade brought a cat into the house, upsetting Michelle who was allergic to them. When this failed, they asked Rhys Lawson to pose as the property inspector. When he told Michelle that there was damage to her room, and it would cost thousands of dollars to repair, she finally agreed to go. But, furious with the way she'd been treated, Michelle delivered a parting shot, telling Kyle and Jade's friends and family about their secret relationship as she went.