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Edwina Valdez 2003
Occupation: Student

When Nina Tucker was just getting her music career started, she performed a gig at Yakely Pub, and was joined there by her boyfriend, Jack Scully. After Nina performed, Jack took her upstairs to a room that he’d booked for them, only to be disappointed when Nina refused to share a bed with him. Back down in the pub, Jack started playing pool alone, but was quickly joined by local girl Edwina Valdez, who admitted that she’d been watching him all night. When Jack mentioned that he already had a girlfriend, who he was very happy with, Edwina claimed that she just wanted to buy him a drink – no strings attached. However, a few days later, Edwina called Jack, explaining that she got his number from her friend who managed the pub, and asked for his email address. She then sent him a suggestive email, with a picture of her in a bikini, asking if he’d like to take surfing lessons with her. When Nina later arrived and spotted an email from Edwina in Jack’s inbox, he quickly claimed that she was just the younger sister of his friend, John, and nobody for Nina to worry about.

A few days later, Edwina sent another email, this time claiming to have a hot surprise lined up for Jack. And, when he arrived to play in an inter-school soccer game that afternoon, he was surprised to find Edwina in the opposing team. She quickly made her feelings clear, spending most of the time chasing him around the field, or “accidentally” falling on top of him during a tackle. After the match, Edwina followed Jack to the Coffee Shop, where he told her that her behaviour had to stop, but they were interrupted by Nina, who became suspicious as Jack quickly introduced her as John’s little sister. Worried that something was going on behind her back, Nina confided her fears in ex-boyfriend, and Jack’s best mate, Taj Coppin. Meanwhile, as Nina sat at home alone writing songs, Jack met up with Edwina and they drove to a secluded spot where they finally gave in to their attraction and had sex. Later that evening, Jack called by to see Nina, who told him that she was ready to sleep with him. A guilty Jack, however, turned her down, telling her that it wasn’t right for him to pressure her and he wanted her to be certain before they took that step.

Soon after, Jack, Nina and Taj were all attending the Christening of Jack’s younger brother, Oscar, when Edwina turned up again. As Nina watched, Jack did his best to ignore Edwina, who instead started making small talk with Taj about soccer. Later, Edwina blackmailed Jack into joining her outside the Scully house, where she told him that she didn’t deserve to be treated like dirt, before accepting the invitation of a date from Taj, and leaving. Despite Jack’s best attempts to warn her off, Edwina continued seeing Taj and, after Jack managed to get out of a double date, Taj took Nina to the school where they broke in and he showed her a documentary he’d been working on for his media studies class. After spending the whole night in the editing suite, Edwina admitted to Taj that it was the first time she’d spent all night with a guy without sex coming into the equation and realised that he was very different from her previous boyfriends.

When Nina then left for an Asian tour with fellow singer Robbie D, Jack’s jealousy got the better of him and he phoned Edwina, as she was in the middle of a date with Taj, to ask if she wanted to meet him for some casual sex that night. Although Edwina looked like she’d returned to her old ways when she lied to Taj that she had to go and visit her aunt, she actually only met Jack to tell him how appallingly he’d treated both her and Nina. When Jack then claimed that he was falling in love with her, Edwina slapped him and left. Because of her meeting with Jack, Edwina was then late for a date with Taj, where she finally decided to confess everything to him. Taj agreed to forgive her and put the past behind him, but a few days later, Edwina invited him to a party in the country with some of her friends. One of her mates, Braeden Murphy, not realising who Taj was, mentioned that Edwina had dated almost every guy at the party and Taj had finally had enough and ended the relationship, realising that he was unable to completely forget the past. Jack, meanwhile, found out that his sister, Steph, had been diagnosed with cancer and it made him re-evaluate his life. He met with Edwina and apologised for the terrible way he’d treated her.

Biography by Steve



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