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Constable Mike Watt 2007-
Occupation: Police Constable

When Sky Mangel, wrongly believing that she had murdered fake spiritualist Terrence Chesterton, decided to flee town with her baby Kerry, she realised soon after that she couldn’t run from her problems. She returned home to Ramsay Street to find the police waiting for her and was arrested for murder by constable Mike Watt, with her attempt to run away meaning that she was denied bail. The following year, Steph Scully was recovering from being trapped in a cabin in the bush with her crazed boyfriend, fireman Jay Duncan. It had been discovered that Jay had been responsible for a recent bushfire that had left Marco Silvani dead and Kirsten Gannon seriously hurt. Once safely home with friends Toadie and Libby, Steph attempted to move on, while Constable Watt and another officer checked the house for any signs of Jay, who was now missing. They then explained to Toadie that they thought Jay would have been heading up to New South Wales, but advised him to stay with Steph and keep all doors and windows locked.

A few weeks later, criminal Pete Ferguson was in hospital and, after being blackmailed by nurse Nicola West, admitted that his injuries had been caused by breaking into the local vet clinic, owned by Nicola's brother-in-law Steve Parker. When she was giving him his pain relief later on, Nicola was attacked by Pete and ended up pricking her finger on the needle, leaving her worried that she may have contracted something from him. Desperate to know whether Pete had any diseases, she went into his hospital room, telling Constable Watt, who was guarding the door, that she was just going in to change the dressings, before illegally taking blood from a sleeping Pete.

A few months later, and Nicola's mental health was in decline, as her lies and family problems had started to catch up with her. Desperate to win the approval of her sister, Miranda, Nicola poisoned Steve in the hope of getting rid of him. As Miranda finally realised what her sister had been up to, she contacted the police, who arrived at the hospital, but as Miranda spoke to Constable Watt outside, Nicola managed to sneak in, causing Steve to go into cardiac arrest as he awoke. Later, Nicola went back to Ramsay Street, looking for her dog, Bronte and was confronted by Miranda, who had already called the police. As she tried to flee, Nicola was arrested in the middle of Ramsay Street and taken to the station, where Constable Watt questioned her, and the full extent of her mental problems became clear as she started to claim that her name was Miranda and she wanted to see her husband, Steve.

At the end of the year, during muck-up day at Erinsborough High, Principal Andrew Simpson banned all pranks, insisting that lessons would continue as normal. But four of the students, Kyle, Zeke, Shane and Justin had ideas of their own, and ran through the school wearing balaclavas, with cans of silly string and stink gas. Hearing the screams of students and seeing what looked like terrorists running through the school, Andrew contacted the police, but when the culprits were revealed, they all ended up with a suspension on the first week back at school. The following week, Constable Watt was forced to arrest Zeke's stepmother Susan Kennedy when lawyer Sam Fitzgerald took out a restraining order on her. Unfortunately, since the two women worked together at the newspaper office, it was difficult for Susan to stay away, and she ended up arrested, but was released later that day.

Episodes Featured
5212, 5498, 5527, 5556, 5557, 5598, 5603

Biography by Steve