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Terrence Chesterton 2007
Occupation: Con Artist

Following the sudden death of her boyfriend, Stingray Timmins, Sky Mangel received a card from a spiritualist named Terrence Chesterton and, believing he may be able to help her, she arranged a meeting, with her grandfather Harold Bishop insisting on going along too. At their first meeting, Terrence explained that he was training to be a lawyer, but wanted to use his 'gift' to help people, gaining Harold's trust by telling him that he was just an ordinary guy - his father owned a hardware store and his mother was a teacher. Sky then tried to convince Stingray's sister Bree and friend Rachel to join her at her next meeting with Terrence, but Bree's mum Janelle and Rachel's guardian Susan found out and put an end to it. Later, Terrence met Sky at the house she shared with her grandfather in Ramsay Street and spoke about Stingray being with Madge, Harold's late wife, and Kerry, Harold's daughter and Sky's mum, who had died in 1990. Hearing his beloved Madge mentioned made Harold start to think that Terrence was genuine, but he was disappointed when Terrence then started telling Sky that he sensed that she too had a 'gift'. When Sky ignored her grandfather's disapproval and started seeing Terrence in secret, they were caught out by Harold, and Terrence admitted that he was worried for Sky and wanted to help her.

Terrence sent Sky to see Charlotte Stone, the new GP at the surgery in the Lassiter's complex. As Charlotte tried to help Sky, everyone was unaware that Terrence and Charlotte were in fact a pair of con artists. Charlotte was providing Terrence with patient histories from their files, which he was using to con them. In order to 'prove' he was genuine, Terrence arranged a group reading at the General Store, worrying Susan, Toadie and Lou with mentions of their dead partners, but finally winning Janelle over with information about her dead grandfather, which he'd actually obtained by accessing the Colac newspaper records. As he grew closer to Sky, Terrence took things too far, pretending that Stingray's spirit was in him, and they ended up having sex. As Charlotte fell out with Terrence over his actions - reminding him that she'd saved him from a career in a theatre restaurant, and disappointed that he'd once again fallen for the charms of a pretty girl - Sky became suspicious and deliberately lied about a trip she and Stingray were planning to take to Vietnam. When Terrence fell for it, an angry Sky lashed out, hitting him with a sugar shaker and leaving him unconscious in the store. Soon after, Charlotte found him and he started to wake up, threatening to expose the whole scam. Not wanting to risk losing the cash cow she'd found in Erinsborough, Charlotte hit him again, this time killing him.

Trivia Notes
In 2006, Scott Johnson married Rachel Gordon, who appeared opposite him as Charlotte Stone
On his business cards, Terrence's website address was theotherside.net/terrencechesterton

Episodes Featured
5185, 5187, 5192, 5200, 5202, 5209, 5210

Biography by Steve