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Penny Weinberg 2005
Occupation: Student

When Summer Hoyland started attending the school piano club, in the hope of developing a new skill, she met up with many of the school nerds, including Penny Weinberg. Penny’s many hobbies included the rewiring of radios to pick up Ukrainian stations, which came in useful when Sky Mangel’s car was being serviced. Although Summer was happy to have made such an interesting new friend, her old pals, including Lisa Jeffries, weren’t so impressed. Lisa stole Penny’s diary and humiliated her by reading it in front of everyone, but Summer decided to stand up for her and abandon the cool kids. Another of Penny’s unusual hobbies was revealed a few weeks later when Lou Carpenter joined a group of local youths who gathered to play Dungeons and Dragons.

She found another new friend when Bree Timmins moved in across the road from Summer, and the three of them raided the bins outside Affirmacon to find discarded junk in order for Penny to build Bree a new computer. Penny’s computer skills also came in useful for Bree’s cousin, Toadie Rebecchi, when he tried to prove that Sindi Watts had been secretly following her fiance, Stuart. Although Sindi had deleted it, Penny helped Toadie find a photo of Sindi on the hard-drive, which proved that Sindi had been present at Stu’s bucks’ night. As payment for her services, Penny took a Star Trek figure from number 30.

Biography by Steve



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