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Year by Year > 1992: Episodes 1586-1825

Network Ten airdates: 06/01/1992-04/12/1992

BBC 1 airdates: 11/12/1992-11/11/1993

UK Gold airdates: 30/11/1998-29/10/1999

Number of episodes: 240

Regular Cast: Dorothy Burke, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Phoebe Bright, Toby Mangel, Doug Willis, Pam Willis, Brad Willis, Gaby Willis

Joining Cast: Beth Brennan, Stephen Gottlieb, Rick Alessi, Cameron Hudson, Marco Alessi, Cathy Alessi, Benito Alessi, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin (second casting), Julie Martin (second casting), Debbie Martin (third casting), Michael Martin (second casting), Hannah Martin

Departing Cast: Josh Anderson, Guy Carpenter, Todd Landers, Glen Donnelly, Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Christina Robinson, Brenda Riley, Andrew Robinson, Caroline Alessi, Madge Bishop, Marco Alessi

Notable Guests: David Brennan, Jill Weir, Rod Baker, Simon Hunter, Bob Landers

A new theme tune, a wealth of new characters, and a new producer saw Neighbours finally lose its 1980s tag and rocket itself head-first into the 1990s. The arrival of the Martin family helped secure some links to the Robinson family tree, and Neighbours began to introduce a more dramatic edge, which wouldn't be clearly evident until 1993.

After falling from the roof of the Waterhole, Glen recuperates in hospital, and tells half-brother Paul that he plans to sue him for every penny he has, sending him bankrupt, after he realises that the fall has left him paralysed. Brad and Josh are enjoying themselves in Queensland, and both fight for Beth, whilst Lucy takes an interest in her brother, David.

The shaky father and son relationship between Lou and Guy comes to an end when they decide to settle their differences. Pam's sister Faye, who has been lodging with the Willis family, is driving them up the wall. They eventually crack and ask her to leave. She does so without a hint of disappointment, and the Willises are shocked to learn she is planning to rent Number 32.

Glen becomes bitter after his accident, and consequently calls off his romance with Gaby. His ex-girlfriend Karen arrives, and he feels comfortable with her, and together the pair leave Ramsay Street, leaving a devastated Gaby behind. Phoebe and her father finally get everything off their chests, and Faye sets her sights firmly on Jim across the road.

Brenda's husband Roy turns up, and the couple reunite after going through some testing times. Paul vanishes, and Christina is wracked with worry when she is informed by the police that a body has been uncovered in Paul's hotel after a fire occurred there. Phoebe, meanwhile, realises that it is Todd she is in love with and not Josh. When Brad and Lucy return from Queensland, they begin dating however, their relationship is tested when Beth shows up in Ramsay Street, saying she can't live with her abusive father. There is still some chemistry between them, and when Jim takes her in, Brad finds it hard coping with the two girls living on the same street and in the same house! Whilst on a visit to patient Garth Kirby, and discovering his body, Pam is arrested under suspicion for his murder, as he asked her several times to kill him. Her lawyer nephew Cameron arrives to aid her in the murder case. Lucy drives Brad's car into a lake whilst intoxicated, and although unharmed by the accident, she says that is time for her to start acting her age.

Gaby, meanwhile, having been running her boutique Gabrielle's successfully for a while, is horrified when it suffers an explosion, and weeks later her aunt Faye confesses that it was her carelessness that caused the accident. Beth and Lucy compete fiercely for Brad's attention, and sparks fly when Phoebe and Todd sleep together. Caroline and Christina's cousin Marco arrives, and soon realises that Caroline has had an affair with Paul. It all becomes too much for Caroline, and when offered a chance to run a hotel in Milan, she flees Erinsborough.

Marco hopes his brief kiss with Beth will lead to something more, but he soon realises she is too hung up on someone else to ever care for him. Jill Weir appears in Ramsay Street asking for Doug, after seeing his picture in the paper. Christina overhears Paul confiding in Helen about his affair to Caroline, and she throws him out of the house. The residents find out Beth is seeing an older man named Rod Baker.

Rick Alessi bursts into Ramsay Street to be with his brother Marco, and Marco convinces Dorothy to let Rick join Erinsborough High, despite his terrible school record from his previous schools. Madge turns down Lou's offer of proposal, saying she is still not over Harold's death. Phoebe and Todd's night of passion ends up in Phoebe conceiving. Lucy wins Brad and says how she plans to move in with him. Doug is beginning to feel threatened by Jill's attention.

Christina, still angry at Paul for his affair with her sister, disallows him access to Andrew, and he says he will fight for custody of him. Phoebe initially wants to keep the baby, but the elder residents of the street say she is too young and should have a termination. When Beth gets a job at Doug's building site, the lads who work there give her a hard time for being a girl. When Lucy is offered a modelling contract, she drops Brad and shoots out of Ramsay Street, destined for stardom.

When Phoebe heads to the clinic for the abortion, Todd has a change of heart and makes a mad dash there to stop her from having the termination. He is knocked down by a car whilst running across a busy road, and later dies in hospital. Phoebe is devastated, but is relieved that she decided to keep their baby at the last minute. Later that night, she is visited by Todd's ghost, and he tells her that her and their daughter will be okay.

At Todd's funeral, all hell breaks loose when his father takes Helen hostage. Julie and her family return for the funeral, but have got lost on the back roads husband Phil decided to take to save time. Whilst aimlessly driving around, their daughter Hannah squeals and she sees Helen. Julie and Phil shrug her off as being stupid, as Julie had earlier phoned Jim to say they were lost and that they wouldn't make the funeral. She said that he told her Helen was busy. After driving around some more, they do in fact come across Helen, and she guides them back to Ramsay Street safely.

Paul and Christina reunite after Christina took a visit to Milan to sort things out with her sister. They leave for a new life running hotels in Hawaii. Christina's aunt and uncle, Cathy and Benito, move into 22 to be with their boys Marco and Rick. Gaby begins dating Melanie's old flame Simon Hunter, but the relationship turns sour when he tries to rape Gaby whilst on holiday. When she breaks down and tells her parents what has happened, dad Doug and brother Brad go round to beat him up. After threatening Doug with legal action for assault, the charges are eventually dropped and Simon leaves Erinsborough and the Willis'. Bob Landers, the man who took Helen hostage, has been hiding out at Number 32, and takes Phoebe hostage also. The siege comes to a dramatic climax when Brad tries to save Phoebe and is shot in the process. Whilst recovering, Beth rekindles her love for him, and asks him to sleep with her, so she can put behind the mental scars her stepfather left when he abused her.

Cathy drops a bombshell on the Alessi boys when she admits that they have a sister, and that she was given up for adoption because she was too young to cope with a baby. Marco takes the matter into his own hand and tracks her down. When he meets Lindsay, she says she wants nothing to do with him. However, she turns up at Ramsay Street and makes amends with her natural parents.

Brad and Beth begin dating officially, and Jim is struck down with chest pains after a bike race with Gaby and the Alessi boys goes horribly wrong. Pam just happens to be driving past, and thinks he has had a heart attack. He refuses to go to the hospital with her, and later collapses again. He is told to take things slowly.

Whilst visiting Todd's grave, Phoebe meets Stephen Gottlieb. Stephen tells her that he recently lost his girlfriend and says he knows what she's going through. He suggests that they date, but Phoebe isn't too sure at first. Julie's life is turned upside down when her stepson Michael arrives and begins making her life a living hell. Jim and Pam get closer, making Doug feel uncomfortable. He finds himself seeing more of Jill, and they have a one-night stand. He shrugs it off as nothing, but Jill shows up at Ramsay Street demanding more from Doug, threatening to kill herself if he doesn't choose her over Pam. With the Willis marriage breaking down, Pam sees Jim in a new light, and the two kiss. Jim sees sense and says he won't be involved with a married woman, especially when her husband is a friend of his.

Stephen proposes to Phoebe, and to everyone's surprise, she accepts. Most her friends congratulate her, but Dorothy is far from impressed, saying she is too young, isn't over Todd, and isn't really in love with Stephen. Rick and Debbie win a competition to see Michael Jackson in England. They know their parents won't allow them to go, so Marco and Helen arrange everything for them. The Alessi family are worried when Marco disappears. They receive a note from him, saying loan sharks are after him, but that he will be okay.

Whilst in London, Rick and Debbie meet a boy with leukaemia called Terry, and they give him the Michael Jackson tickets. They go on a London television show talking about their good deed, but are horrified when they hear the show is being shown in Australia! Their parents soon find out about the incident and are far from impressed. Madge, the final Ramsay left in Ramsay Street, packs her things and bids a tearful farewell to her friends and neighbours as she heads off to Queensland to be with her daughter Charlene and her family.

In the season finale, disaster strikes as Beth and Hannah become trapped in a burning cottage will they be rescued in time?

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Production Notes
The 1992 season introduced a new version of the Neighbours theme tune, produced by Peter Sullivan, featuring lead vocals by Greg Hind. At the same time, the title sequence was also radically overhauled in its first major design change since the move to Channel 10 in 1986.
When Todd died, the following episode, 1722, finished with a special closing sequence, featuring a montage of images of the character, backed with a sombre piano version of the theme tune.

Review by Billy

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