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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5242
Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 26/06/07 BBC One: 18/09/07

Episode Title: Dazed And Transfused

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Fiona Corke as Gail Robinson, Elizabeth Slattery as Phoebe Roberts

• Harold, Lou & Susan comments on how Karl still has a calling to going back to being a doctor. Susan has an idea
• Frazer is bitter towards his parents fro not telling him that he had another brother who died. He tells Rosie they are heartless, selfish & cold
• Carmella rejects Ringo’s friendship and working with him. Angry & Upset, Ringo steals her Ute’s keys and drives off
• Playful fighting leads to Oliver & Elle kissing

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 638: Elle pulls away from kissing Oliver and remarks she thinks it is too early for them to be doing this. Oliver suggests they wait at least 2 weeks or a month. Elle remarks maybe a month is a little too long.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Paul waits by the desk as Gail speaks to the staff about where Elle is. A couple of the Lassiters staff walk by and Paul notices their glances towards him. Gail explains Elle is in a room after having to speak to a guest. Paul tries to use it as an excuse to wait but Gail is determined to resolve the issue.

Lassiter's Hotel - Corridor: As Gail goes to knock on the door Paul stops her as one last try to avoid the confrontation by suggesting to Gail they wait as Elle surely would want time to calm down from their argument.


Lassiter's Hotel - Room 638: Inside Elle & Oliver lay on the bed together.

No 30 Lounge: Rosie is folding away the washing and takes the opportunity to suggest to Frazer that he should reveal to Ringo about their dead brother. Frazer agrees he will in his own time.

Carmella's ute: Ringo dangerously drives the Ute too fast around the corner of the street and he refuses to answer Carmella calling him.

Ramsay Street: Carmella angrily leaves a message on Ringo’s phone asking him to return back with the Ute as despite how angry he is he had no justification for stealing the truck. She begs him not to do anything stupid.

No 30 - Lounge: Rosie remarks to Frazer about how the Brown family seem to live off of keeping secrets from each other and here is a chance for him to break the cycle with Ringo over brother Paul. Carmella rushes in to explain how Ringo has driven off putting it down to her refusing to give him a driving lesson. Frazer is eager to search for his brother but Rosie is not convinced about the explanation and Carmella admits she also has been using him as a confident. Rosie questions why when she is there but Carmella shocks her by revealing she has felt Rosie has been too preoccupied in the wedding to listen and long hours in the van with Ringo meant they connected. Carmella calls Ringo again but Rosie suggests it should be Frazer not her. Frazer however is sure Ringo will be fine.

Carmella's ute: Ringo increases his speed to over 80 kph as he goes around another corner. He ignores the call from Carmella wanting her to leave him alone.

Outside Grease Monkey's: Susan & Karl finish their burger & chips lunch and Karl makes comment to why they should pick a fast food restaurant to eat as he know has ‘gas’. Susan reminds him that the owners sponsor the school Blogzine so she feels obligated. They decide to leave.

Carmella's ute: Ringo picks up the mobile phone to see Carmella calling again.

Grease Monkey's: Susan and Karl cross the road as Carmella’s Ute approaches. Karl sees the truck approaching.

Carmella's ute: Ringo picks up the mobile phone to stop it ringing and looks up to see he is about to hit Karl & Susan and starts to swerve.


Grease Monkey's: Karl realises he & Susan are in danger pushes her out of the way and they both fall to the ground as the truck crashes into the side of a car that is parked outside Carpenters Mechanics.

Grease Monkey's: Karl assists Ringo in the Ute as Susan calls for an ambulance. Karl tries to get Ringo to stay still but Ringo wants to be out of the truck but collapses in agony, complaining his legs hurt after scrambling out. Karl pleads with him to lay still.

Lassiter's - Room 638: Elle & Oliver realise that having just slept together wasn’t the best timing and Elle suggests they keep it quiet from Carmella but really wants Oliver to know that what they have is really important to her. They agree not to rush into things and shakes hands on it before sharing another kiss.

Grease Monkey's: Karl is applying pressure to Ringo’s leg while Susan comforts him when she hears Ringo’s mobile ringing. Susan finds the phone in the truck and tells Karl it is Frazer. Susan answers and explains Ringo has had an accident.

No 30 - Lounge: Frazer is shocked by the news and Rosie & Carmella realise something is wrong. Frazer can hear an ambulance siren approaching on the phone.

Grease Monkey's: Susan explains Ringo has crashed the Ute and injured his leg but reassures him that Karl is looking after him.

No 30 - Lounge: Frazer tells her he’ll see them at the hospital and hangs up. Rosie asks what has happened and Frazer stone faced looks towards Carmella; explaining Ringo has been in a car accident. Rosie follows after Frazer, leaving Carmella feeling guilty.

Grease Monkey's: As Ringo is secured onto a stretcher he begs Karl not to tell Rachel how stupid he’s been but Karl tells him to focus on himself. The paramedics put Ringo into the ambulance and Susan questions Ringo’s condition. Karl comments that he has lost a lot of blood. One of the paramedics comes over and questions Karl if he is a doctor. Karl explains he isn’t but the paramedic thanks him for the good job he did. As the ambulance leaves Susan comments on what a good gesture that was – Karl looks on as the ambulance drives away.

Lassiter's Hotel - Corridor: Gail & Paul return and Paul still wants to delay things by suggesting they wait for Elle to appear downstairs. Gail however fears Elle is really upset and Paul knocks on the door.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 638: Inside as Elle & Oliver redress they hear Paul asking to speak to Elle and want to resolve their differences.

Lassiter's Hotel - Corridor: Paul finishes his plea by asking Elle to let him in talk to her.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 638: Oliver jokes that if only Paul had arrived half an hour earlier but Elle is not keen for then to be made public yet. Oliver decides he will say he just came to the room to discuss business.

Lassiter's Hotel - Corridor: Paul offers to just allow her to speak her mind and leave.


Lassiter's Hotel - Room 638: Elle & Oliver prepare themselves and Elle opens the door to her parents. Elle & Oliver pretend they have just finished a business meeting and Oliver leaves. Paul asks to talk to her and Elle agrees to let him into the room. Gail decides to wait downstairs. Paul apologises to Elle and tells her he wants to start again to resolve their problems.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Gail catches up with Oliver and asks him to defend why he was in a hotel room with Elle when he has a girlfriend. Oliver tells her he has broken up with Carmella but he has no intention of hurting Elle. Gail is not convinced liking him to Paul and warns him the best way too not hurt Elle is to stay away from her.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Karl explains to Frazer, Rosie & Carmella how Ringo has lost a lot of blood but at least it is under control. Frazer offers to donate blood and Karl thinks it is a good idea. Rosie questions what Carmella is doing there and she is defiant that she isn’t leaving the hospital until all is okay. Frazer thanks both Karl & Susan for what they have done and Rosie accompanies Frazer to the room where he is to give blood. Susan tells Karl she is proud of his actions but Karl plays it down and decides to get back to work to avoid any backlash from Davo.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 638: Elle comments to Paul that she’s never seen him clear up a room in his old hotel before and he admits that he took out the anger he had about knowing things about his past self on her. He knows she was just trying to protect him and wants them to start afresh. Paul wants her to know that she should also realise that Gail is there for her too.

Erinsborough Hospital - Waiting area: Oliver arrives having heard the news about Ringo and checks if Carmella is okay and needs him. She tells him she is ok and Oliver mentions he’ll visit Alan Napier then who seems to be responding to treatment. Rosie arrives back with Frazer and accuses Oliver of causing enough trouble today. Frazer takes Rosie away. Carmella & Oliver fear they contributed to Ringo going off the rails but Susan tries to put it into context that Ringo has to deal with adult issues to grow out of being a teenager. However she reminds them that treating him as an adult and then as a child will confuse the boy.

Erinsborough Hospital - Ringo's room: Frazer greets his brother as Ringo wakes up. Ringo fears he is going to be sent home but Frazer assures him he is staying despite his actions. Rosie & Carmella enter the room and Rosie decides to leave Ringo and Carmella alone to talk. Carmella apologises to Ringo for confusing him and offers to be more of a big sister to him. Ringo makes it clear he doesn’t have a crush on her and Carmella tells him she believes him. Ringo jokes that he at least left the Ute at the garage for her for repairs.

No 30 - Lounge: Rosie finishes packing a few clothes for Ringo and finds Frazer in the lounge thinking. She questions if he is okay and Frazer admits he finds it hard to talk about his feelings and that he doesn’t want to block out his feelings anymore. Rosie assures him he isn’t like he sees. Frazer decides he is going to face his parents about Paul and their differences. Rosie tells him she’s standing by him all the way.


No 22 - Lounge: Gail, Elle & Paul are watching a movie but both Elle & Gail are bored with it apart from the lead actor. Elle decides to go to bed and leaves Paul and Gail alone. Paul thanks her for getting him & Elle back on track and explains he has constant thoughts about how life could have been if they had stayed together. Paul wants to know if Gail would ever want to return to those days - Gail tells him she would. Paul & Gail kiss.

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Trivia Notes
• Carmella’s mobile phone number appears on Ringo’s mobile as 0411721936
• The phone displays the date 26 Jun 07 – in line with the Channel 10 airdate. The time registers it as 03:19. There is also a picture of Natalie Blair as part of the caller ID on screen
• The second call registers the time as 03:25. The third call registers the time as 03.29
• When Elle opens the door to the hotel room the number 637 can be seen on the door opposite
• Frazer & Ringo’s blood type is B-

Summary by Paul