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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5243
Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 27/06/07 BBC One: 19/09/07

Episode Title: Dazed And Transfused

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Claudine Henningsen as Kerry Mangel, Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Nell Feeney as Janelle Timmins, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Aaron Aulesbrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger

Guest Cast: Fiona Corke as Gail Robinson, Shane McNamara as Gino Esposito, Joe Clements as Allan Steiger, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes, Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon, Nikola Dubois as Kirsten Gannon

• Pepper introduces Adam to her father who warns him that no one has measured up as a boyfriend in his eyes. Adam assures Alan he knows Pepper needs treating right
• Mickey staying with Ned confuses Janae – Ned admits he is his son
• Gail admits she would go back in time if she and Paul could start again. They kiss

No 22 - Lounge: Gail breaks away and tells Paul history is repeating itself with her being seduced and reveals to Paul how he told her he loved her last time before allowing her & Izzy to find him in bed with another woman. Paul is shocked to hear how he acted but he pleads with her to allow her to let him show how he can love her if she still has any kind of feelings for him. They kiss again.


No 30 - Lounge/hallway: Allan & Janelle are keeping watch from the window for Pepper & Adam to return home but when Janae offers some coffee & popcorn as stake-out snacks Allan defends his actions as not a stake-out just a concerned father. As Pepper & Adam arrive back, Janelle, Janae & Allan sneak out through the kitchen. Adam & Pepper enter the house and agree they had a great night out and Adam kisses Pepper passionately. Adam plays the perfect gentleman after the kiss and decides to leave but not until Pepper agrees to meet him for dinner the following day.

Lassiter's Hotel - Room 366: Ned arrives back with some breakfast for him & Mickey to find his son bouncing a ball against the wall in the room. Ned stops him and asks to eat his breakfast. However Mickey isn’t keen on muesli & fruit and wants chocolate, as his mother would have let him. Ned reminds him she isn’t there or coming back soon and asks him to eat. Mickey refuses and locks himself in the bathroom.

The General Store: Harold serves Steph holding Kerry who is dressed up for the beautiful baby pageant despite his concerns about Janelle & Sky’s motives. Harold comments about Steph’s new hairstyle when she receives a call from someone asking after her for an appointment. Steph assures them once she has given Charlie to Toadie she is on her way. As she leaves, Adam arrives greeted by Allan, who warns Adam off from Pepper fearing his daughter is going to be hurt. Adam asks Allan to stay out of his business and angers Allan further by making reference to him being sick over the Malaria tablets.

Ramsay Street: Gail can’t believe the scene – Paul & her cleaning a car and makes reference to it. Elle arrives ready for work and is overwhelmed when Paul wants them & Gail to go on a family picnic. Elle agrees to come calling it a fantasy come true. Gail fears that is all it is.

No 26 - Lounge: Allan tells Janelle he doubts Adam’s sincerity and thinks Pepper could still be vulnerable from her incident with Mary Casey. Pepper arrives to borrow some wine glasses but gets a lecture from Allan about Adam’s honesty. Janelle has doubts too and wants her to be cautious.


Lassiter's - Room 366: Janae arrives after Ned’s call to her to help. She tells him that telling Mickey his mother is not coming back for him was wrong and suggests they try a game of cards to get Mickey out of the bathroom. The ploy works and Mickey comes out and even eats some of the fruit. However when Mickey asks if his mother is coming to get him today Ned lies. Janae can’t believe he has lied to him – there is no promise Kirsten will be back as she said she would.

Lassiter's - Room 366: Janae questions why Ned lied when there is a knock at the door and Kirsten arrives with a present of Mickey’s favourite cereal for him. Mickey eagerly puts his shoes on to go out with her and Kirsten assures Ned she’ll be back later for Mickey to say goodbye. Janae is not so accepting and wants answers to where Kirsten has been but Kirsten tells her she needed to think things through – Janae is not impressed. Ned feels cheated as Kirsten mentions she is glad he and Mickey get along.

The General Store: Elle is thrilled by the idea of a family picnic and tells Paul she sees it as part of him getting better. Janae is not impressed by Kerry’s outfit for the pageant but takes time to gloat to Toadie who is handed Charlie by Steph that Kerry would win the competition over Charlie. Toadie begins to see this as a challenge.

Lassiter's: The Beautiful Baby Pageant is ready to start and Janelle has Kerry dressed as a vegetable. Janelle comments to a disproving Harold about the lack of competition Kerry has. Gino Esposito opens the contest and welcomes last minute contestant Charlie Hoyland. Toadie with Charlie dressed as a cowboy; take their seat next to Janelle. Immediately Janelle & Harold start to mock Toadie’s chances of winning.

Park: Paul comments on how fantastic it is for him, Gail & Elle to have time with each other, to not need anyone else around them. After Paul goes to get some more drinks from the car Gail mentions to Elle that they cannot allow Paul to not see that he can live without knowledge of the other people he has in his life.

Lassiter's: Gino announces the winners of the pageant but when Kerry’s name is not called Harold decides to complain to Gino. Janelle & Toadie coax Harold off the stage and Gino complains he has this problem every year.


No 26 - Lounge: Ned confides to Janae that he is going to miss Mickey if he only gets to see him twice a year. Janae feels he should tell Mickey he is his father as it could backfire in years to come when Mickey discovers the truth and resents him for not saying earlier.

The General Store: Allan, Janelle & Toadie joke about Harold’s ‘inner bogan’ coming out at the pageant but Harold is truly embarrassed. Pepper notices Adam has hurt his hand as it is wrapped in a bandage but he dismisses it as a minor accident at work. Unconvinced Pepper agrees to stop discussing it. Across the room Allan wants to intervene but is stopped by Janelle. Steph arrives back with a campaign photo for the election showing her astride her motorbike looking sexy. Toadie complains that this isn’t an image to win but Steph is adamant it will win her votes. Things escalate until Toadie agrees to be her campaign manager. Steph realises Charlie is dressed like a cowboy…

No 22 - Kitchen: Gail tells Paul the news she is going home to Tasmania as what they have is not real and only based on memories from twenty years ago. Gail feels if she stays she’ll lose as much of the life she has created as he has through the accident. Paul is desperate to stop her leaving but Gail can only promise to stay in touch. Elle takes her mothers luggage and promises Paul she’ll be back after dropping Gail at the airport. Paul is devastated as he is left alone.

No 30 - Lounge: Adam pours wine for him & Pepper and she draws attention to Adam’s hand again. Adam jokes he had to hit someone but Pepper is no mood for jokes and wants him to leave. Adam storms out.


The General Store: Ned tells Janae he isn’t going to tell Mickey that he is his father as he doesn’t fell ready to be one – Janae comments she thinks it is a little too late for that way of thinking. Kirsten arrives and is surprised to see Ned there. She explains that Mickey is back in his hotel room and that she has come to a decision. Kirsten wants Ned to continue to look after Mickey as she feels after eight years; she wants time to be on her own. Ned is stunned.

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Trivia Notes
• Louise Arthurson won the Beautiful Baby pageant and runner up was Ramon Cheyenne
• Ned’s hotel room is room 366
• Fiona Corke's last appearance of guest stint as Gail Robinson

Summary by Paul