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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5272
Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 07/08/07 BBC One: 30/10/07

Cast: Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget ‘Didge’ Parker, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta ‘Rosie’ Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Guest Cast: Neil Pigot as Christian Johnson, Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Carolyn Bock as Dr. Peggy Newton, Chris Toohey as Justin Hunter, Nathan Wentworth as Gags McKenzie

• Frazer tells Ringo he thinks him moving back home is the wrong decision and he’s coming back to stay with him to prove to him he is special and not the loser he thinks he is
• Steve reveals to Karl & Susan that the drugs he’s been selling are only 60% in strength they claim to be. Steve questions if Karl knew about this
• Carmella is stunned when she is told that she is pregnant

Erinsborough Hospital - consultation room: Carmella calls it a mistake but Dr. Newton leaves the room for the news to sink in. Rosie is sceptical about Carmella not knowing about the pregnancy after her recent lying about Ringo.

No.28 – Lounge / Dining table: Karl still has doubts about Vivex being to blame but Steve is adamant they must be at fault. Miranda tries to steer the conversation away by telling Steve it is Karl’s decision if he wants to talk to his employers but Steve thinks it is Karl’s duty and even offers to go with him. Karl suggests he talks to Christian again and Susan calls everyone to the table to eat. Steve wants to make the phone call after dinner then. Karl feels somewhat pressured.

Erinsborough Hospital – consultation room: Carmella begs Rosie to believe she knew nothing of the pregnancy but after Rosie expresses more doubts, Carmella angrily orders her sister to leave the room.

No.28 – Dining table / Lounge: Steve thanks Susan for a great meal and Zeke brings dessert over but everyone wants time to relax first. Steve suggests Karl makes the call to Christian and Karl decides he’ll do it from the bedroom for more privacy. Much to his annoyance, Steve follows him. Miranda apologises to Susan for her husband’s bullish behaviour but Susan thinks it is great if it proves Karl’s company is in the wrong. Zeke wants to watch the footy instead of the chick flick Rachel has on TV but Rachel isn’t interested and thinking she has an ally in Bridget she gives her the choice. Bridget opts for the footy and Zeke is thrilled to learn she used to play the game where she used to live. He rushes off to find his ball so they can practice leaving Rachel & Bridget to feeling awkward around each other. Bridget congratulates Rachel on her attack on Carmella at the party and calls Ringo a ‘loser’. Rachel explains he was her boyfriend and Bridget declares she’s never had a boyfriend and glad about it if Rachel’s experiences are anything to go by. Rachel is unsure how to take this.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area / Brown House – Ringo’s bedroom: Rosie rings Frazer to check if he’s okay and he tells her they’ve arrived at his parent’s home. She tells him her day has got worse with the news Carmella is pregnant. Frazer tries to play down the news as Ringo is listening as Rosie discusses ‘you know who the father is’. Frazer believes it to be Ringo’s too and offers to talk to him but Rosie wants time to think. Prue who has some soup for them interrupts their conversation. Frazer tells Rosie he’ll call her later. Ringo asks what has happened and insists Frazer tell him. He is stunned when told Carmella is pregnant and that apparently he is the father.

Erinsborough Hospital – Carmella’s room: Dr. Newton settles Carmella in for the night offering her literature to read about being pregnant. Carmella is distant but on touching her stomach smiles to herself.

No.28 – Lounge: Karl is entertaining everyone with a rendition of his infamous ‘River of Dreams’ song on his guitar. Steve seems unimpressed but he and Miranda graciously clap after the third verse finishes. Zeke & Bridget return from outside having built up a sweat & an appetite for dessert much to Rachel’s disgust at her brother’s smell. Zeke offers to talk to his coach at The Dingo’s to see if she can join the team in practice the following day. Bridget is thrilled. Susan catches up with Karl in the kitchen as he prepares coffee for them and admits to her he is worried about the consequences over the drug allegations he’s made. She tells him he cannot do anymore tonight than leave the message on Christian’s phone as he has but Karl is more worried about accusing his employer of corruption. Susan reminds him Christian wanted to know if there were any further problems. Karl tells her he feels railroaded by Steve into this. Susan wants him to know sticking to his principles is the man she’d expect to him to be anyway.

Brown House: Ringo has not joined Prue & Frazer for soup and it gives them a chance to talk about him. Prue believes the pregnancy is a result of Ringo living away from home but Frazer points out he could never have watched his brother all the time. Prue cannot see how a child like Ringo could ever be a father so young. Frazer goes to talk to Ringo in his room and Prue calls out about how unhappy his father will be at the news. Frazer runs back into the room to tell her Ringo has left the house.

Erinsborough Hospital – Carmella’s room: Dr. Newton informs Carmella she is booked in for an ultrasound the following day to determine how many weeks old he baby is and asks her to fill in the necessary forms. Carmella becomes uncomfortable when she sees she needs to write down what medication she has been using and Dr. Newton explains sometimes a baby’s health can be harmed by certain medications.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Rosie is surprised when she sees Oliver arrive and he explains he’s there to drop off paperwork over Alan Napier. He spots Carmella in the room and wants to see her but Rosie asks him to let her rest. Oliver asks after Ringo and Rosie indicates things are far from resolved.

Charlie’s Bar: Miranda, Steve & Bridget arrive for coffee as Miranda berates Steve for using the evening to ‘blast’ Karl. Bridget agrees he was over zealous but Steve thinks it was an important issue that needed to be dealt with. Miranda & Bridget sit down as Steve orders and Bridget admits she had a good time with Zeke during the evening and he has invited her join his footy team. Miranda is concerned about her playing in an all boy team but it doesn’t worry Bridget. Steve joins them at the end of the conversation and annoys Miranda when he agrees Bridget is as good as a man despite not being around to hear the reason why.

No.28 – dining table: Susan finishes another helping of Miranda’s dessert, complimenting her on her cooking and mentioning Miranda is going to drop around a book of recipes she has tomorrow, including tonight’s dessert recipe. Karl is struggling to be as excited as Susan about having new friends and jokes Susan now has an excuse to trade stories about husbands with someone again…

Charlie’s Bar: Miranda goes to the bathroom but can’t help herself wanting to ‘soften’ Bridget’s hairstyle but Bridget objects. With Miranda gone Bridget reminds Steve he promised she could join any team sport she wanted when they moved to Erinsborough. Steve jokes he is cool with it and happy to let her and Miranda battle it out.

Muttatang - Youth club: Ringo arrives at his old hang out and is greeted by an old mate ‘Gags’ and friends. They are pleased to see he’s back and offer him a beer. However, Frazer has tracked Ringo down and orders him to get in the car after telling his mates to ‘back-off’. Ringo has no intention of doing what Frazer wants but Frazer tells him he has to stand up to the fact he is going to be a father and move on from being a child. Ringo tells him he cannot be the father, as he never slept with Carmella, in fact he isn’t worth anything.

Erinsborough Hospital – Carmella’s room / Brown House: Rosie strokes Carmella’s hair as she sleeps and quickly answers the phone when Frazer rings so not to wake her, taking the call away to the waiting area. He apologises for not calling her sooner but explains he knows Ringo is not the baby’s father and everything points to Oliver. Rosie doesn’t want to think about it and focuses on their relationship. She tells Frazer she misses & loves him and he admits he could be away longer than he thought. Frazer tells Rosie he loves her.

The Dingoes training ground - pavilion: Zeke is delighted to see Bridget arrive for training as agreed with the coach but player Justin Hunter is not happy to see a girl in the team. He warns her he’ll not be easy on her because of it but Bridget stands up for herself not expecting him to.

The Dingo’s training ground: The team train with some exercises and Bridget beats Justin, managing to out run him but on the next exercise he knocks her to the floor and she hits it pretty hard. Zeke checks if she is okay and she gets up undeterred to carry on, promising she is fine.

Charlie’s Bar: Susan, Miranda, Karl & Steve await Christian’s arrival and when he does the men go off to discuss Christian’s findings. Miranda and Susan decide they need a coffee to calm their nerves. Christian tells Steve he was correct and he has recalled three faulty batches they have identified from a national testing that links all the problems to the state of Victoria – but only those three batches are bad. Christian makes an excuse he has to get to another meeting and thanks them for their efforts before leaving. Steve apologises to Karl for being so passionate about it all but Karl tells him he understands. They both look over to their wives who are chatting and look like they have been friends all their lives, knowing they are talking about them.

The Dingoes training ground - pavilion: As the team leave Bridget calls out to a couple of her teammates she’ll be back next week. Justin overhears and can’t believe it. He tells Zeke that she is an embarrassment to the team. Zeke brought her to the team and it’s up to him to get rid of her.

Erinsborough Hospital – Carmella’s room: Rosie arrives to a less than friendly Carmella admitting she knows the baby is not Ringo’s as she assumed. Carmella confirms the father is Oliver and becomes emotional as she explains her ultrasound could reveal the baby has been affected by her misuse of drugs & alcohol.

No.28 – Lounge: Susan is astounded when Karl tells her he has been given a company car for an outstanding work performance. Steve & Miranda arrive and compliment Karl on his new car as he explains it is a reward from Vivex. Miranda hands over the recipe book to Susan and agrees to a coffee instead of lunch, as she and Steve are eating with Ned & Janae. Karl raises his concerns to Steve about getting a new car only a couple of hours after the meeting with Christian and mentions the reality is that his sales aren’t that amazing. Karl shows him a set of golf clubs and Steve is stunned to learn Vivex have bought them as a gift for him.

Erinsborough Hospital – Carmella’s room: Dr. Newton performs the ultrasound and Carmella and Rosie watch in awe as the scan shows them the baby. The baby is about seven weeks old, which confirms Oliver is the father as Carmella & Oliver were still together. Carmella is relieved when the doctor confirms the baby looks normal too. Dr. Newton leaves the room to collect a print off of the scan. Rosie tells her sister it is a relief the baby is okay but she now has to face the next step. Carmella accepts Rosie’s advice that she needs to tell Oliver. Carmella advises her the sooner the better.

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Trivia Notes
• Bridget mentions Britney Johnson who used to play in the girls footy team back in Oakey with her
• Karl gets a new company car awarded to him
• Steve receives a gift of a set of golf clubs from Vivex
• Carmella’s baby is discovered to be about seven weeks old from her ultrasound

Summary by Paul