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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5271
Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 06/08/07 BBC One: 29/10/07

Cast: Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget ‘Didge’ Parker, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta ‘Rosie’ Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Nicky Whelan as Heidi ‘Pepper’ Steiger, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes

Guest Cast: Trudy Hellier as Christine Rudd, Neil Pigot as Christian Johnson, Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Carolyn Bock as Dr. Peggy Newton, Lesley Coleman as Rory Grainger

• Steve tells Ned & Janae he is taking over the lease on the salon at Lassiters – they joke about the redecoration he’ll have to do thanks to Gino’s colour schemes
• Ringo stuns his mother by telling her he is in love with Carmella and she feels the same
• Adam agrees to a marriage of convenience
• Carmella admits to Ringo she does not love him

Lassiters Hotel – car park: Carmella tells Ringo she is sorry and he sums up the kiss, the texts, and the pool incident as then being all part of her apology? Frazer insists Ringo return to the hospital with him but Rachel loses her temper calling Carmella a lying two-faced loser before Susan calms her down and Rosie leads her sister away. Miranda & Bridget look on as their event comes to an unexpected close.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Ringo is helped back into bed and Frazer tries to assure his brother all will be okay and that he is not to blame. Ringo insists he sees his mother.

No.28 – Lounge: Susan & Rachel arrive home but Rachel is still fuming and defending her actions as protecting Ringo. Susan reminds her Frazer was there to do that and Rachel comes clean. She still loves Ringo. Zeke comes out of his room but seeing Susan comforting his sister, he leaves them alone.

Charlie’s Bar: Miranda suggests Carmella drink something stronger than coffee but Rosie is adamant they are fine. Miranda wanders over to greet Steve as he arrives and he is shocked to learn about Ringo turning up. At first they assume Carmella is the married sister to make matters worse but Bridget sets her parents straight. Susan arrives to thank Miranda for the party and assures her Harold was pleased at Sky’s send off. Susan notices Carmella & Rosie in the corner of the bar.

No.30 – hallway / Lounge: Pepper & Adam return home to find her mother waiting for them, having been told about the engagement from Janae and so excited for them. Christine talks about wedding guests and a dress but is stunned when Pepper says the wedding is going to be a simple one, at registry office. Christine is confused as Pepper has always wanted a big wedding and they tell her it is only happening so Adam can stay in the country.

Vet surgery: Steve and Bridget continue to decorate the old salon when Karl arrives with Audrey, as he’s still concerned with her not showing any improvement. Steve is concerned too and he mentions he has seen the same lack of improvement in other animals. He suggests there could be a connection to the drugs company Karl works for and asks if there has been any complaint to the division that supplies the drugs for the animal. Karl thinks not but assures Steve he’ll look into it.

No.30 – Lounge: Christine reminds Pepper of how she used to keep a wedding booklet as a child, planning her dream day but Pepper explains some events cannot be planned for and it reminds Christine of her own choices in life. Christine agrees but explains her choices also taught her never to compromise for what is best for you. Adam decides to let them talk alone and leaves for the kitchen. Christine fears Pepper is expecting less than she deserves but Pepper tells her she is happy and Adam does love her. In that case Christine explains, she cannot understand why he would let her not have the dream wedding she wants.

Park bench: Carmella wants to stop for a moment in their walk home and Rosie tells her she is happy to sit until she’s ready to go home but Carmella cannot face their mother yet. Carmella thinks she is not welcome anywhere, anymore. Rosie reminds her sister that brooding over things will not help her long term. Rosie suggests they drive home instead of walking but as Carmella gets up she feels faint. Carmella tells her sister she feels weird.

Erinsborough Hospital – Ringo’s room: Dr. Newton gives the good news that despite Ringo’s adventure he is ready to go home. Prue asks if Ringo could see another doctor if he were to return home with her but Frazer is annoyed at his mother suggesting Ringo leaves Ramsay Street. Prue asks Ringo if he wants to go home and suggests Frazer has his own life to live but Frazer tells her Ringo is part of his life. Frazer wants Ringo to come back with him but Ringo decides after what has happened he wants to go back to his parents. Prue annoys Frazer further by calling him George but his attention is drawn to the admissions desk as he sees Rosie asking for someone to see Carmella.

No.28 – Dining table: Susan plays hostess to Christian Johnson as he explains he is in charge of ensuring all the products that supplied by Vivex Pharmaceuticals meet compliance with regulations. Karl thanks him for coming and Christian mentions he’s there to help but immediately questions if Steve’s made a mistake citing the pressure of starting a new practice and financial strain as a possible reason – Susan suggests the company could be at fault but Christian assures her all precautions were taken care off. Karl asks about a test being done and Christian replies one has been done and with no problems in the results. Christian also agrees to provide Karl with an email of the report. Christian thanks him for raising the issue and subtly points at Steve’s thinking being flawed. Christian makes a big effort to say goodbye to Susan and to give Karl a pat on the back before he leaves. Karl looks over to Susan but she doesn’t want to hear him joining in on Christian’s doubts about Steve’s ability. Karl cannot resist though but is caught off guard when Susan announces they are having Steve & Miranda as guests for dinner.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Pepper & Adam arrive to wait for news of Carmella but Rosie tells them she is still undergoing tests. Rosie asks after where they have been that day and Pepper confesses to her & Frazer that they are getting married. Rosie is not happy at the news of a wedding just to earn Adam a visa and warns them about the implications.

Registry office: Pepper & Adam act excited as they book their wedding ceremony for the 7th September. The woman assisting them is Rory Grainger, and she clearly is not interested in anything other than booking the event and Pepper’s natural cheeriness and talk of romance doesn’t soften her either. They ask to see one of the rooms where the weddings happen and Rory offers for them to sit in on another couples wedding now. Rory mentions they will have to pay up front all their fees to marry there and Adam & Pepper decide to come back another day.

No.30 – Lounge: Pepper & Adam laugh as they look through the wedding booklet Pepper pulled together as a child and about her desire to walk down the aisle to Disney song ‘A Whole New world’ now celebrity couple Peter Andre & Jordan have used it for their wedding. Adam tells Pepper he doesn’t want their marriage to be in at the office they visited but Pepper cannot see how they can stay together any other way. Adam tells her there has to be another way.

Vet surgery: Karl tells Steve about the test results and assures him his company is not at fault. Karl informs him he has been sent some free samples for Steve as well. Karl mentions their dinner all together later and Karl leaves thinking Steve has accepted his companies conclusions. Steve however wants to get the drugs checked out and asks Bridget to organise a courier for him. Steve rings a friend ‘Kev’ and asks if he can run tests on the drugs Karl has just given him.

Erinsborough Hospital – consultation room: Dr. Newton tells Carmella she wants to take some blood samples from her and Rosie leaves the room. Frazer explains Ringo has decided to go back home to the family home after Prue’s request. Rosie isn’t so sure it isn’t such a bad idea as she reasons that maybe him living with them made Ringo think he was all grown up when actually he wasn’t.

Vet surgery: Bridget brings Steve a fax from his mate Kev and he is shocked to see one of the ingredients is almost half the amount the box says. Miranda interrupts and brings his attention to some names she & Bridget have thought of for the practice. They include ‘Dog day afternoon’, ‘Tails of the city’, ‘Paws & Whiskers’, ‘Heavy Petting’ & her favourite ‘Paws for thought’. Steve tells them he has already thought of a name and booked the sign guy to install it that week. He announces he is calling it ‘Erinsborough Vet Clinic’ which the girls think are boring. Miranda asks them not to be late for the dinner later as she leaves to prepare for the evening. Steve comments to Bridget that the old sample Karl had also checked out to be not what it seemed as he looks at the fax again. Steve comments it is going to be an interesting dinner party and that he even liked Karl.

No.30 – Lounge: Pepper has resorted to using some stones like a tarot reading to try and tell her what her next move should be but Adam tells her she already knows she doesn’t want to leave Australia. Pepper tries to convince herself about the registry wedding but Adam tells her basically them marrying anywhere is just too soon for both of them in their relationship. He suggests they go back to enjoying the time they have left together.

Erinsborough Hospital – waiting area: Carmella is assured by a nurse her wait for the results won’t be long now. Frazer sees his mother & Ringo getting ready to leave to meet his father who has come to pick them up. Frazer makes a decision he is coming home to stay with Ringo as he refuses to allow his brother to give in and to make him realise he is something special.

No.28 – Lounge: Susan makes reference to Zeke having not visited Tom yet in the home but is interrupted by a pan boiling over. Rachel rescues the pan and Susan returns to hosting with Karl as they and Miranda wait for Steve & Bridget to arrive. Karl mentions about Harold joining them but Susan informs them he isn’t coming as he is organising a flight to visit Sky & Kerry who have already reached New South Wales. Miranda seems concerned about a baby having to drive all the way to Port Douglas but feels like she is interfering in something that doesn’t concern her. Karl jokes her interference is just the carrying on of an old tradition in the street of busy-bodying. Steve & Bridget arrive still in their work clothes much to Miranda’s embarrassment but Susan & Karl play the perfect hosts and Karl offers Steve a beer. But Steve wants to discuss the pharmaceutical tests he had done and explains the results to Karl before showing him the fax. Steve explains he is happy to stay friends provided Karl knew nothing of this but warns he’ll have nothing to do with him if he did. There is a tense moment in the Kennedy/Kinski house.

Erinsborough Hospital – consultation room: Dr. Newton tells Carmella that her tests show her iron count is low but quite normal for her condition. Carmella doesn’t understand and asks what could cause it. Dr. Newton suddenly realises Carmella has no idea the reason and announces to her & Rosie that she is pregnant.

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Trivia Notes
• Christine mentions two family members Colin & Judy when discussing wedding guests with Pepper
• Off screen Sky, Kerry & Boyd have reached NSW
• Pepper & Adam were looking to book their wedding at the earliest chance – it would have been September 7th
• The drugs Karl provided free to Steve were 60% less than the compound should be
• Off screen Harold is discussed as booking a trip to visit Sky & Kerry the following day
• Off screen Janae informs Christine about Pepper & Adam’s engagement
• Reference to Peter Andre & Katie Price using Disney’s ‘A Whole New World’ song at their wedding
• Pepper uses tarot stones to try and predict her future
• Carmella is pregnant
• Off screen Steve’s friend Kev performs pharmaceutical tests for him
• Off screen Graham Brown arrives at the hospital to drive Prue & Ringo back to the Brown family home

Summary by Paul