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Episode Summaries > 2007 > Episode 5274
Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 09/08/07 BBC One: 01/11/07

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa black as Elle Robinson, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Hoyland, Aaron Aulesbrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Nicky Whelan as Heidi 'Pepper' Steiger, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorenson as Declan Napier, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes

Guest Cast: Anthony Engelman as Kevin ‘Stonefish’ Rebecchi, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins, Trudy Hellier as Christine Rudd, Michelle O’Grady as Carol Sinclair, Blair Venn as Richard Aaronow, Peter Lesley as Malcolm Lewis

• Elle tells Paul she doesn’t like Rebecca or the fact he is becoming interested in her. Elle just wants to carry on protecting Oliver through his ordeal
• Tim tells Rosie & Toadie he wants them to bill over sixty hours of work even though they only work a forty- hour week
• Oliver celebrates with a glass of champagne having his family around him but Elle secretly holds the key to his father

Alkrington Grammar School – headmaster’s office: 2 teachers are working late on some papers. One offers to get them coffee and puts the file in his hand onto a pile of papers. A wallet gets knocked onto the desk and lies open revealing a picture of a young Rebecca in it.

No.22 – Lounge: Paul tells Rebecca he has thought up the idea of turning Declan’s birthday bash into a big party so he can invite all the neighbours round for her to meet. Rebecca thinks it’s a great idea and Paul admits he has already organised the caterers. Rebecca asks if they could scale things down though by making it a family meal and cooking the food themselves. Elle jumps in suggesting they should ask Declan what he wants. Rebecca assures Elle she has a pretty good idea what Declan would want. Rebecca leaves and Elle suggests this shows another example of Rebecca trying to control the situation and brings up Oliver not be able to see his father again. But Paul refuses to rise to her bait and advises her mind her own business where Oliver’s father is concerned.

No.30 –Lounge: Pepper arrives home to find Adam has bought her a new laptop with built in web cam so they can see each other when he has to leave Australia. She is less than thrilled however when he also tells her he’s got a copy of the 1966 soccer world cup for them. He wants her to learn more about him and to watch England’s greatest moment.

Charlie’s Bar: Toadie & Stonie stop off to get a pack of beers and Pizza and Toadie suggests a quick detour to see how much his car is worth, as he wants to sell it. Stonie offers to become his driver but Toadie questions then how long he intends to stay. Stonie tells him this is a way to payback for staying at Steph’s and Toadie agrees. As they go to leave Oliver arrives and Toadie introduces his brother by his nickname ‘stonefish’. Oliver laughs about the Rebecchi tradition and Stonie mentions they have a gay cousin called ‘rainbow fish’, an Uncle who is a priest called ‘Monkfish’ and a soon to be ex-wife ‘dogfish’. Stonie tells his brother he was joking about divorcing Chantelle and the Rebecchi’s excuse themselves to get home to eat their pizza & beer. Before they go Oliver asks what they think his seventeen year old brother would like as a birthday present. Both Rebecchi’s tell him if money is no object, then a car. On the way out Toadie wants to know more about why Stonie was bad mouthing his wife.

No.30 – Lounge: By the time the fourth goal has been scored Pepper is really enjoying watching the soccer match. Pepper wants to know more about Adam and he tells her as a child his favourite TV show was Dr. Who. Pepper assumes Adam was brought up on unhealthy food living in England but he decides he is going to cook her, her mother and Carol a great meal to prove otherwise.

No.32 – Lounge: Stonie explains Chantelle has thrown him out of the roadhouse, which is really why he came to stay. Steph tells him she is sorry to hear the news but Stonie tells them he is fine about it. Toadie thinks he is being too blasé over his marriage breaking up but Stonie assures his brother he is fine. Stonie admits he hasn’t told their parents though as they are away on a road trip. Steph suggests Toadie & Stonie need to go out to have a good time but they insist she join in, as Janae will baby-sit Charlie.

Charlie’s Bar: Steph watches as Toadie & Stonie’s dancing looks pretty hazardous to anyone else on the dance floor. She jokes at how good they are before going to check with Janae on the phone how Charlie is. Stonie tells his brother he is a lucky guy to have found Steph and how he is so pleased he & Chantelle are over. Toadie advises him to give it time, as he may not have really accepted it as he thinks. Steph rejoins them but Toadie wants to get home to bed, worried about the fact he has to go to work and face Tim the following day. However Steph & Stonie manage to convince him otherwise to stay on.

No.32 – Lounge: Steph, Toadie & Stonie arrive home, finishing the night with a kebab each. Toadie realises it is 4am and he has to be in work by 7am.

No.32 – Lounge: As Steph sleeps on the sofa with Toadie she is woken up when Stonie stands over her, holding Charlie in his arms. Stonie reveals Janae dropped Charlie off and Toadie realises it is past 7am and he is late for work. Toadie runs to get a shower and Stonie organises breakfast and promises he’ll drive them to the office so Steph can pick up her campaign poster she left there too.

Tim Collins & Associates – reception: Toadie, Steph & Stonie enter the office slowly to see if Tim is there but hearing nothing they assume he isn’t. Toadie goes into his office but Steph’s posters are not there as he left them.

Tim Collins & Associates – office: Toadie calls out to Steph but he is shocked when Tim arrives carrying the box of posters wanting to know why he is using the office as a campaign centre. Tim reveals he has been in the office for sometime, along with Rosie who arrived for work at 6am and is at a breakfast meeting to secure a new client. Tim questions if he has been out all night drinking as he can smell alcohol but Toadie laughs the idea off. Tim tells him to get down to the hospital to look for new clients in A&E. Toadie rushes to leave but not until Tim hands over Steph’s posters to him.

No.30 – Lounge: Pepper sets up the dining table in the lounge as Adam prepares the meal. He needs fresh herbs and decides to go to the shops. As he leaves Christine arrives alone and she explains Carol is running late. Christine mentions she really likes Adam but tells Pepper she is glad to hear they called the wedding off. Christine mentions Alan has suggested Adam could get a visa if he were to rejoin the police but Pepper is adamant she doesn’t want her mother to even approach the subject.

No.22 – Driveway: Paul arrives with Declan and Rebecca who is bringing a salad to the party. Elle is on her way out to do something important at work and Paul is unhappy at her going out on such a big day. They are interrupted as Oliver arrives in an unfamiliar sports car but all becomes clear when he throws Declan the keys and wishes him a happy birthday. Declan is so happy but Rebecca refuses to allow him to keep the car. Oliver suggests they talk about it over lunch but Rebecca is adamant. Paul stops Elle from leaving and asks her to make more of an effort for Oliver’s sake. Elle cryptically replies she is doing more for Oliver and his family than he knows.

No.22 – Lounge / Kitchen: Later Declan still cannot take his eyes off of his car and jokes about its top speed. Rebecca tells him and Oliver it is too extravagant a gift but Declan reminds her that Oliver can afford it, which only angers her more. Oliver agrees he’ll take it back and Declan at least gets to ride with Oliver as he takes it back now rather than prolong Declan’s agony. Alone Paul & Rebecca joke about how she’ll have to put up with Declan sulking for a week and the moment leads them to kiss. Paul breaks away and says sorry to which Rebecca replies she isn’t. Paul explains he is worried about Elle’s reaction if they took things further and wants to keep things as they are. Paul tells her he definitely wants her in his life though. She tells him it is fine but you can see she would love for things to go further.

Charlie’s Bar: Stonie & Toadie finish lunch and Toadie decides he needs to get back to work so not to anger Tim any further. Oliver & Declan arrive and Oliver introduces Declan to them. Stonie asks about his birthday presents but Declan is not impressed after the day’s events. He tries to order a beer but Oliver jokes ‘not on my watch’. Oliver apologises for making his birthday a nightmare but Declan jokes he’s had worse birthday’s growing up with no money. Oliver suggests they could keep the car, store it at Lassiters to keep it a secret from Rebecca. Oliver has a condition that Declan never drives it without him being around. Declan agrees and Oliver hands over the keys.

No.30 – Lounge: Adam presents his meal to Pepper & Christine and Pepper immediately takes a piece of black pudding and comments on how good it tastes. Then Adam explains it’s made from boiled pigs blood and she spits it out. Carol arrives and apologises for running late. She congratulates Adam on the news about the police being a way to get a visa to stay but Carol realises from Adam’s reaction he knows nothing about it. She questions Christine why she hasn’t mentioned it and Adam seeing Pepper’s embarrassment suggests it is because ‘someone’ doesn’t think he could handle it.

Tim Collins & Associates – office: Tim is annoyed with Toadie as he and Stonie return from lunch and he learns Toadie only handed out three business cards at the hospital. Stonie defends his brother but has to be guided out of the office by Toadie when Tim calls him Toadie’s dog.

Tim Collins & Associates – reception: Toadie tells Stonie he cannot afford to lose his job, as he hasn’t acquired enough experience or money yet to set up his own law office. Stonie feels like he is dismissing him too but Toadie tells him he’ll see him later. Tim bellows out Toadie’s name.

No.30 – Lounge: Adam finishes explaining his reasons for leaving the police force but tells Pepper he’s prepared to rejoin if it means staying with her and it will also make him face his issues. Adam & Pepper clear away Christine, Carol and their plates and head to the kitchen to get dessert.

No.30 – hallway: Pepper stops Adam on the way to the kitchen and tells him he doesn’t have to do this for her. Adam tells her he wants to do it for himself too.

Alkrington Grammar School – senior school entrance: Elle arrives at the entrance to the senior school and follows the sign to report to the school reception.

Alkrington Grammar School – hallway: Elle hears her phone ring as she enters the school and answers to hear Oliver’s voice.

Charlie’s Bar: Oliver asks if she would like to walk home with him & Declan if she is still at the office.

Alkrington Grammar School – hallway: Elle tells him she isn’t at work and not local enough to walk home with him either. She tells him she’ll see him soon though. As Elle walks down the corridor she overhears a man telling a group of teachers about the high levels of discipline he expects and 100% commitment from them. Elle suspects she may have found Richard.

No.22 – Dining table: Declan blows out the candles on his chocolate birthday cake and Rebecca hands over her present, the works of Mark Twain. Paul reminisces about how his father read Huckleberry Fin to him as a boy but realises the subject of father’s is not a good one and apologises. Rebecca tells them she doesn’t want to reflect on the past and toasts to ‘health, happiness and loads of laughs’. As they sip their drinks, Paul wonders where Elle is.

Alkrington Grammar School – hallway: Elle waits as the teachers all leave the room and approaches the man she heard earlier, asking if he is Richard Aaronow. The teacher explains he is the deputy headmaster and a voice behind her introduces himself as Richard. Elle turns around is slightly taken aback but pulls herself together to shake his hand introducing herself as Elle Roberts and telling him how pleased she is to meet him.

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Trivia Notes
• Declan celebrates his 17th birthday
• Oliver buys Declan a car for his birthday. Rebecca buys him books by Mark Twain
• Stonie mentions he has a gay cousin nicknamed ‘rainbow fish’ and an Uncle who is a priest called ‘Monkfish’. He jokes that his wife Chantelle should be called ‘Dogfish’
• Adam recalls Dr. Who with Tom Baker as the doctor being his favourite TV show as a child
• Pepper is attracted to David Tennant and so he is her favourite Dr. Who. She found the music in the show scary as a child
• Adam & Pepper also discuss the merits of actress Billy Piper in Dr. Who
• Pepper asks about a report she watched on English people eating deep fried Mars bars but Adam corrects her it is popular in Scotland. Adam mentions famous British chefs Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay & Rick Stein
• The script jokes about how Scottish people would eat a rock if it were deep-fried
• Paul mentions his father reading Mark Twain’s book ‘Huckleberry Fin’ to him as a child and using different voices for all the characters

Summary by Paul