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Guy Carpenter 1991-1992, 2015
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Parents: Lou and Kathy Carpenter

: Ling Mai and Lauren; Louise (adoptive)
Family Tree: Carpenter
Occupation: Daphne's Coffee Shop Assistant, Recreation Officer

The eldest child of Lou and Kathy Carpenter, Guy Carpenter could never live up to his sporty father's expectations as he grew up. Although Guy was athletic and loved sports, he never won any trophies - unlike Lou, whose shelves were full of them. This caused Guy to grow up with a strained relationship with his father, and after Lou and Kathy's divorce, Guy spent less and less time with Lou.

With brooding good looks and an athletic build, Guy was never short of female admirers and became something of a ladies man as he got older. After completing a three-year recreation course, Guy fled Queensland to seek refuge from an obsessive girlfriend with his aunt, Brenda Riley, in Erinsborough. However, Brenda was unable to put Guy up straight away because she had leased No. 24 Ramsay Street from Harold Bishop - Lou's long-time love rival, and feared that Harold would object to Lou's son staying in his house. Luckily, Guy only had to spend one night on the floor of the Coffee Shop kitchen, as Harold and his wife, Madge - the long-time object of Lou's affections - left for a tour of Australia the following day. Brenda then let Guy move in with her, and immediately raised eyebrows around the neighbourhood when they all mistook Guy for Brenda's toyboy!

Brenda gave Guy a job at the Coffee Shop with her, where he became an instant hit with the female customers, and soon began using his 'Carpenter Charm' on them. Within weeks of his arrival in Erinsborough, Guy had three women on the go at one time - arranging dates with Gaby Willis, Lucy Robinson and Caroline Alessi. However, he ended up being caught out by the three girls, and was forced to apologise to them for stringing them along.

When Guy began training for a cross-country run, he became good friends with Brad Willis, as they trained together each morning. However, Guy displayed an intense desire to win, which concerned Brad, who was only competing for fun. Brad eventually discovered that Guy was taking steroids to aid him with his training regime, and tried to talk him out of the idea. Guy reacted angrily to Brad's interference, and told him to keep out of his business. But Brad was afraid that Guy would damage his health by continuing to take the drugs, and had already noticed he had become moody. Brad sought advice from his mother, Pam, who was a nurse, and when she realised Brad was talking about Guy, she told Brenda about Brad's discovery. Brenda feared for her nephew's well being, and confronted him about the steroids. Guy insisted they were just to help bulk up his muscles, and dismissed Brenda's concern. As she put more pressure on him to give the steroids up, Guy warned her to stay out of his life. It was only when Brenda threatened to start taking the steroids herself until Guy stopped that he realised he was risking his health, and vowed to give them up, before admitting he was only so intent on winning the cross country run to make Lou proud. Ultimately, Guy won the cross-country run on his own merit, and was thrilled that he had proven to himself he didn't need steroids to obtain victory.

Guy found himself under suspicion of theft when Brad's surfboards were stolen from his garage and a half-coin pendant was left behind, which Gaby remembered Guy having on his key chain. When Gaby confronted Guy about the pendant, he assured her he had nothing to do with the robbery, and Gaby apologised for even suspecting him. However, Guy was able to shed some light on the robbery, because the half-coin pendant he had had been given to him by a woman he had gone on a date with when he first arrived in Erinsborough, and she had held onto the other half - meaning she was involved in the robbery. Brad was keen to find out who the woman was, but Guy was unable to remember the woman's name, due to the vast numbers of women he took out. Guy ended up seeing the woman soon after, however, when he spotted her kissing Brad in the Coffee Shop - and realised that it was Brad's new boss and lover, Paige Sneddon. Guy was then placed in a difficult position because he didn't want to hurt his mate by telling him the truth about Paige, and instead, decided to try and entice Paige out on another date to see if he could get any information or clues out of her. But Brad walked in on Guy asking Paige out, and was furious with Guy for trying to steal his girlfriend from him.

Guy was thrilled when Gaby started showing signs of interest in him again, and she eventually invited him out. But Guy was reluctant to get involved with Gaby because she had just broke up with Glen Donnelly, and was clearly only using Guy to get back at him. However, Gaby proved too difficult for Guy to resist, and he invited her to a romantic dinner at No. 24. Although nothing happened between them that night, Guy was keen to charm Gaby further, and he invited her to join him for a swim in his pool the next day. As they spent more time together, Glen became aware of their closeness and, after realising he still loved Gaby, proposed to her. Guy was shocked when Gaby told him she was considering the proposal, and it became apparent to him that his feelings for her where more than just his usual carefree womanising. However, he was deeply upset a few days later when he overheard Pam mentioning that Gaby and Glen had become engaged. Although he was hurt that they had got engaged, Guy was most upset that he had to find the news out second hand, instead of direct from Gaby.

Keen to put his recreation course to some good use, Guy applied for a job at the Erinsborough Swimming Pool as a recreation officer, and was thrilled when he got it. However, he clashed with his boss, Sid Butcher, soon after starting, after Sid constantly interfered in the way Guy ran his swimming lessons. Guy eventually had enough of Sid's interference and confronted him at the side of the pool one day, culminating in Guy handing in his notice. But Brenda intervened by co-ordinating a chance meeting between herself and Sid, during which she told him a sob story about it being the anniversary of the death of Guy's beloved puppy in a freak accident involving a cement mixer. The story made Sid feel sorry for Guy, and satisfied that the anniversary of the accident accounted for Guy losing his temper with him, asked Guy to stay on at the pool.

Guy was forced to face some demons from his past when Lou arrived down from Queensland, determined to win Madge back now that Harold was dead. Despite Madge's refusal to consider getting into a relationship with Lou so soon after Harold's death, Lou stayed at No. 24 and Guy tried to take advantage of having his father around to mend some fences between them. But Lou was only interested in Guy's sporting achievements, and whenever Guy tried to talk to Lou about relationship problems or any emotional issues, Lou avoided addressing the situation. As Lou stuck around, however, he and Guy became closer, and Lou eventually assured Guy that - although he hadn't always shown it over the years - he loved him dearly.

Shortly afterwards, Guy landed a job as a swimming instructor in Broome and left Erinsborough. Though Lou remained in Erinsborough and sister Lauren later made it home too, it would be 23 years before Guy returned to the area. He visited on the occasion of Lauren's daughter Amber marrying Daniel Robinson, and caught up with family members old and new, as well as apologising for not visiting more often. Having caught up with the family, Guy decided that he wanted to see more of them, and moved across to Queensland to be with his mum, Kathy. Soon after, Lou also made the move back to Brisbane, along with his grandson, Bailey.

Trivia Notes
Guy's 2015 appearance marked the only time that Lou, Lauren and Guy had all appeared in an episode together

1517-1645, 7073

Biography by Moe