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Logan Ellis 2008
Occupation: Musician

When looking for a female lead singer for his band, Nothing Doing, Ty Harper was determined to hire his close friend Rachel Kinski for the job. His bandmates, however, were wary, fearful that Ty only wanted Rachel in the band because he fancied her, and they'd end up splitting up if she joined. Ty then came up with a plan, making sure that all of the other auditionees were terrible, in the hope that they'd be forced to choose Rachel. The plan backfired though, when the gorgeous General Store assistant Sienna Cammeniti turned out to be fairly good, though still not a patch on Rachel. Unfortunately, Logan and the other band members were won over by Sienna's looks and, despite Ty's best efforts, they outvoted him and announced that Sienna would be Nothing Doing's new lead singer.

During their first rehearsal, Ty continued to try and convince the others in the band to take on Rachel instead of Sienna, but to no avail. Things only got worse for Ty as he had to listen to Sienna destroy his songs, and he was furious when Logan asked if they could change the key of the music to suit Sienna. With an important gig coming up, and the possibility that booking agents could be in the audience, Sienna started having coaching from Rachel. However, when Sienna's nerves took over as they prepared to go on stage, Logan was furious when it was decided that Rachel would join Sienna, as her 'backing singer'. Despite Logan's reservations, the gig was a success - mainly thanks to Rachel filling in as a nervous Sienna stopped singing - and he took Sienna to one side during the break and thanked her, then leaned in for a kiss. Angrily believing that he'd only ever wanted her in the band because he fancied her, Sienna pushed Logan away and told him that she quit, leaving Rachel to fill in for the rest of the evening, as Ty insistantly told Logan that he didn't have feelings for her, only for her to overhear him, as he'd forgotten to switch off his microphone.

When Sienna decided to leave Erinsborough for Italy, to visit her cousin Rosie, who'd just given birth, her workmate Lou Carpenter was determined to get her to stay, unable to face The General Store without her beautiful face there each day. He engineered things so that Sienna and Logan were forced to spend time together, hopeful that, if she had a new boyfriend in Erinsborough, she wouldn't consider disappearing to the other side of the world. The plan seemed to work as the young lovebirds finally got their act together, but then it backfired as Sienna announced that, since Rosie had sent two tickets, she'd be taking Logan with her.

Biography by Steve