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Character Profiles > Sienna Cammeniti Erin McNaught

Sienna Cammeniti 2008
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Family Tree: Cammeniti
Occupation: Nurse, The General Store Assistant

Another in a seemingly endless line of beautiful Cammeniti’s, Sienna left her job as a nurse in the country and moved to Ramsay Street due to having problems at home. Wanting to get away from things for a little while, she turned up at the General Store, hoping to find her cousin Carmella. Carmella however, was away with her baby Chloe in Italy, so Sienna acquainted herself with Carmella’s partner, Marco Silvani and General Store assistant, Lou Carpenter. Lou was instantly besotted with Sienna and after she impressed him with baking him some muffins, Lou offered her a job at the General Store.

When Carmella returned she was shocked to find Sienna at the General Store. During childhood the pair never really got on with each other and would often argue, but Sienna thought now was the perfect time for them to finally get to know each other properly. Sienna soon settled in at the store, making friends with the locals and dishing out advice, even when it wasn't wanted.

When Ty Harper’s band, Nothing Doing were holding auditions for a new female lead singer, Sienna was tempted to audition. Ty was keen to have Rachel Kinski as the lead singer, but his bandmates disagreed. With the help of Dan, Ty came up a with a plan to get as many bad singers as possible together to audition, including Sienna after overhearing her singing terribly, in the hope that his bandmates would realise Rachel was the best for the job. When it came to the auditions, although Sienna sang reasonably well, it was still clear to most that Rachel was the best, however one of Ty’s bandmates in particular, Logan, was instantly besotted with Sienna and wanted her in the band as the lead singer instead. As Ty tried to persuade Logan Rachel should be picked, it soon became clear Logan only wanted Sienna in the band because of her looks, but Ty got outvoted by the rest of his bandmates and Sienna became the lead singer of Nothing Doing.

However, Sienna soon started to struggle with trying to practice some of the bands songs, so Carmella asked Rachel if she’d mind giving Sienna a few tips and advice about her singing. Despite missing out on the singer job herself, Rachel was happy to offer her services, admitting to Sienna that she had struggled with some of Ty's songs too. Rachel soon helped Sienna improve her sound but on the day of the big gig her nerves got the better of her, so much so that she asked Rachel to come up on stage and sing with her. Ty saw it as an opportunity to finally try and persuade his bandmates that Rachel was better, so told her brother, Zeke, who was operating the sound system to make Rachel’s volume louder than Sienna’s. During the break, the gig was going well, but Logan then took Sienna to one side and tried to kiss her. Sienna was outraged and instantly decided to quit the band, despite Logan’s apology, believing that she'd only ever been hired for her looks.

After Sienna's cousin, Rosie gave birth to a little boy, she and her husband Frazer sent Carmella tickets to fly to Rome and visit. However, Carmella was busy with the General Store, so Sienna decided to go instead. Playing cupid, Lou was keen for Sienna and Logan to patch up their differences, hoping that, if she had a new boyfriend, she might decide not to go. However his plans soon backfired when, having patched things up with Logan, Sienna announced that she was taking him with her, and bid everyone farewell, promising Lou that she'd be back one day.


Biography by Edd