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Father Vincent Guidotti 2012, 2016
Occupation: Catholic Priest

An old family friend of the Villante family, when Francesca insisted that her daughter Vanessa marry Lucas Fitzgerald, Father Vincent agreed to perform the last-minute wedding. Vanessa was heavily pregnant and Francesca warned that she would be cut off from the family if the child was born out of wedlock. Although Vanessa didn't love Lucas, she agreed to go through with it, unaware that Lucas had been in love with her for months, and still confused over her own recent break-up with Rhys Lawson. Father Vincent came to speak to Lucas and Vanessa about their relationship and plans for the future, and was satisfied that, after a few counselling sessions, they would be ready for marriage. However, Vanessa's doubts continued to grow and, as the ceremony took place and Father Vincent was beginning the vows, she ran out of the church, unable to keep up the charade.

A few years later, Father Vincent was visited by Jack Callahan, a priest from North Queensland, who was having a crisis of faith after failing to save a woman from a fire. When Father Vincent went away to Rome, he let Jack stay - and Jack then received a visit from Julie Quill, who was planning to blow up the boiler at her hotel, Lassiter's, to claim the insurance. When Jack went to the hotel looking for her, he got caught up in the blast and lost his memory, and as he tried to figure out who he was, he grew close to Paige Smith. As Jack's memories finally returned and Julie's guilt was revealed, he found himself caught between his faith and his feelings for Paige. When Father Vincent returned from Rome, he agreed to let Jack continue staying with him, offering him support as he tried to work out his feelings.

As it was looking like Jack was leaning towards a life with Paige, Father Vincent explained that he'd been visiting Rome as his health was failing, and his heart could give up at any time. He told Jack that he wanted him to take over his parish in Elliot Park, and later visited Paige to warn her off, telling her that Jack's heart was with God and that girls like her wouldn't tempt him away. As Jack continued to wrestle with his feelings, he asked God to give him a sign - and was alarmed when he later returned to the church to find Father Vincent collapsed in the garden. When Jack learnt that Father Vincent had died in hospital, he took it as the sign he'd been looking for, and decided to remain in the priesthood.

Trivia Notes
John Orcsik previously appeared in Neighbours, in a recurring capacity, between 1999 and 2002 as Ron Kirk

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Biography by Steve