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Peter Reece 2005
Occupation: Adoption Agency Official

As a representative of the adoption agency, Peter Reece put potential adoptive parents, Steph and Max Hoyland, through their paces. After several interviews, they were accepted onto the programme and it wasn’t long before they were called in for an interview with Kayla Thomas, a heavily pregnant homeless girl who wanted them to take her child. Although all seemed to be going well, it was several weeks after Kayla had given birth, to baby Ashley, that the adoption services discovered that the Hoyland family had broken several rules, allowing Kayla to live with them both before and after the birth. Peter visited Max and Steph and told them that they were being permanently removed from the list of adoptive parents.

Trivia Notes
• Tony Porter previously played Phillip Reynolds in 1990, Brian Scott in 1991, Bernard Seaton in 1993, Trevor in 1994, Peter Hill in 1995 and Joe Duggan in 1997
• He returned in 2007 as Martin Tilson

Biography by Steve



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