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Jeremy Levi 2004-
Occupation: Psychiatrist at Erinsborough & District Hospital

Following an incident during which Darcy Tyler fell down a staircase and slipped into a coma during an altercation, Izzy Hoyland began to suffer from nightmares. Her fiance, Karl Kennedy, decided that the best way to get to the bottom of things would be to send Izzy to a psychiatrist. At first she was very reluctant and rejected the idea, but after a long chat with Jeremy Levi, she started to change her mind. Jeremy made Izzy think about her childhood and realise that, although she’d made mistakes in the past, the only thing that mattered was the future.

With Izzy enjoying her sessions and growing in confidence, Karl began to resent her spending time with another man. Things only got worse when he spotted a young, attractive man going into Dr. Levi’s office. Izzy was confused by his jealousy, but when she spotted paediatrician Philip Smith leaving Jeremy’s office, which he shared, she realised how the mix-up had occurred. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop Karl from confronting Dr. Smith. Karl was left humiliated, but managed to laugh about it when Izzy arrived at the hospital to try and stop him.

The following year, Jeremy Levi was called upon when Boyd Hoyland had a breakdown. After believing that his dead mother was alive, Boyd’s family called in Karl Kennedy, who immediately recommended a psychiatric referral to Dr. Levi. After a lengthy consultation, his diagnosis was adolescent schizophrenia, a condition which he assured the Hoyland family was treatable, but the road to recovery would be a long one. However, the condition was later reassessed and found to be a brain tumour. Some months later, another Ramsay Street resident, Sindi Watts, was admitted to the psychiatric ward. An old condition, which involved paranoid delusions, had returned from her teenage years and she had become obsessed with her husband, Stuart Parker, injuring her friends who tried to get in the way. Jeremy was forced to tell Sindi that Stuart’s constant visits were only aggravating her condition, and she decided to transfer to a psychiatric hospital in New South Wales.

Some months later, another member of the Hoyland family was under scrutiny when Boyd's stepmother Steph was sectioned by her husband, Max. Several months into her pregnancy, Steph had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, but had opted not to have treatment until after the birth of her precious baby. Not wanting to lose his wife, having already had his first wife die of a heart condition, Max decided to try and have her declared mentally incompetent, so that he could take over her medical decisions. When Stuart got to hear about the situation, with Sindi's departure still affecting him, he used his police powers to have Steph arrested and forced to undergo a 72-hour involuntary assessment with Jeremy Levi. Although Steph's behaviour had been unusual - disappearing with her young brother, Oscar - Dr. Levi found that her mental health was fine and she was released from hospital.

A few months after treating Steph, Dr. Levi attempted to help his colleague Karl Kennedy, who had been having personal problems, which were affecting his sleep, which, in turn, was affecting his work. Dr. Levi told Karl about a sleeping liquid, which one of his drug reps had given him to trial, and could be just the thing Karl needed to get back into a regular sleep pattern. Karl was grateful, but, that night, the liquid led to an unfortunate incident when his ex-girlfriend, Izzy, drove an exhausted Karl home and gave him too much of the drug, leading Karl to hallucinate that it was actually his ex-wife Susan standing before him. Izzy, mistakenly believing that Karl wanted to get back together with her, then slept with him.

In 2007, Paul Robinson visited Dr Levi, with his daughter Elle. Having recently undergone brain surgery and lost part of his memory, Paul was suffering terrifying visions of being involved in a fire. He was desperate to know whether it was something that had actually happened, or simply fragments of a dream or a television show he'd once watched. Dr Levi admitted that it was impossible to tell, but they could attempt hypnotherapy, though Elle tried to talk her father out of this, happy with the nicer human being he'd become since the operation, and worried that uncovering his past might destroy the present. Unfortunately, this proved to be the case when Paul got in touch with Laura Davidson, the sister of Gus Cleary, the man he believed he had killed in the fire. Laura and her boyfriend, Nick then sought revenge on Paul by kidnapping Declan, the son of Paul's girlfriend Rebecca. Following his ordeal, Declan refused to admit that anything was wrong, despite experiencing nightmares about it all. Rebecca took him along to see Dr Levi, but Declan refused to talk and told his mum that he wouldn't be going to another counselling session.

In 2008, Dr Levi was treating another Ramsay Street resident, when Nicola West, after six months of lies and deception towards her family, finally cracked under the pressure. Having tried to kill her brother-in-law, Steve, by poisoning him, Nicola was arrested, but at the police station, she insisted that her name was Miranda and Steve was her husband. Dr Levi performed an initial assessment on Nicola, and concluded that she was suffering from paranoia and delusions and would have to be transferred to a secure facility in West Waratah for treatment.

A few months later, missing Zeke Kinski was found, living with Phil Andrews in the country. Phil, still grieving for the sudden deaths of his wife and teenage son, had found Zeke after a rafting accident and taken him in, convincing him that he was his son, Trent. Unable to remember anything, Zeke slowly came to see himself as Trent and Phil as his dad, but when his real family eventually tracked him down, he became confused, refusing to go with them. Dr Levi assessed him and explained that he was suffering from a Disassociative Fugue, meaning that his old memories had been replaced by the things Phil had told him about. Dr Levi told Susan and Karl to take Zeke home and explained that he would eventually recover, but it could take weeks or even months. The following week, Dr Levi had to assess another Ramsay Street resident when Miranda was arrested under the Mental Health Act, as Steve had led the police to believe that she may have snatched a baby. Having questioned Miranda for hours, Dr Levi found no evidence of her fragile mental state and discharged her, but the incident had a shocking effect on the already troubled Parker marriage, as Miranda asked Steve for a divorce.

Some weeks later, Susan was planning to help daughter Libby by carrying a child for her, but before the surrogacy could go ahead, each member of the party had to undergo a psychological assessment. After interviewing Karl, Susan, Libby and Libby's husband Dan it was agreed that it could go ahead, though hospital CEO Brian Rode had other ideas, deeming it unnatural.

Episodes Featured
4694, 4696, 4795, 4891, 5027, 5292, 5321, 5558, 5632, 5639, 5713

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