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Andrew Rodwell 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023-
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street
Marital Status: Wendy
Siblings: Felix (Adoptive)
Children: Sadie
Occupation: Constable/Sergeant with Erinsborough Police

During his time working for the police in Erinsborough, Andrew Rodwell had regular encounters with the residents of Ramsay Street. In 2018, he was guarding the door of Cassius Grady’s hospital room when he was attacked in prison, and the following year, he was back at the hospital investigating, when dangerous Finn Kelly woke from a coma claiming to have amnesia, then went missing. A week later, Andrew accompanied Finn, his brother Shaun, and Dr David Tanaka, as they attempted to job Finn’s memories by taking him around Erinsborough.

In 2020, Andrew questioned Hendrix Greyson after learning that he had driven illegally, taking his friends on a trip for schoolies, later telling Hendrix that he’d be facing a fine and a driving ban. A few weeks later, Andrew and his colleague Yashvi Rebecchi investigated, after Harlow Robinson was kidnapped. After arresting Kane Jones, they realised that they had the wrong person, and it was later revealed that she had been taken by Natasha Leighton, who’d been hoping to get some ransom money from Harlow’s wealthy grandfather, Paul. The following year, Andrew and Levi Canning investigated when Roxy Willis was attacked at Erinsborough University, and arrested Brent Colefax when he went on the run, wrongly accused of robbery.

Promoted to Sergeant, Andrew became involved when Levi started to try and track down the people who’d attacked him when he was young. As he got closer to the truth, his grandmother Sheila’s house was broken into as a warning, but when Andrew and Yashvi questioned the suspects, Mitch Foster and Nelson Ryker, they made a harassment claim against Yashvi, as she had been helping out Levi by following them. Soon after, Nicolette Stone went missing, with an increasingly desperate David Tanaka trying to track her down, as she was pregnant with his baby. As Andrew explained that she was a capable adult and that the police couldn’t do anything, David started to lose his temper, with his brother Leo having to stop him. Andrew later also told Rose Walker that the person who had damaged her car had been found, after Melanie Pearson was wrongly accused of the crime.

The following month, baby Isla had seemingly been returned to David and his husband, Aaron, with Andrew investigating when she was kidnapped by mystery woman Britney Barnes. It later turned out that the baby Aaron and David had been looking after was Abigail, the daughter of Britney and Leo, as Nicolette returned with the real Isla.

Later that year, stories about Levi’s new polyamorous relationship with Amy Greenwood and Ned Willis were circulating at work, with a doctored photo of the three of them being put up on Levi’s work locker, and Andrew forced to tell him what was being said. When Levi, Amy and Ned attended the police ball together, Andrew was also in attendance with his wife, Wendy, and was forced to step in when colleague Reuben Elliott started making suggestive comments, asking all of them to leave the party as a fight almost broke out. Within a few months, Levi had moved on to a new relationship with the mysterious Freya Wozniak. When Andrew gave Levi the task of taking a police car to the city to have work done on it, he took Freya along with him. Once alone in the car, she used the police database to try and track down her missing ex-boyfriend, ,Gareth Bateman, but was caught out by a passing Roxy, and claimed that she’d just been searching for her own name on the database as a bit of fun. When she confessed this to Levi, he hoped that nobody would flag up the search and get him in trouble, and he panicked when Andrew approached him, only for it to be a complaint about the car coming back full of junk food wrappers.

When a fire broke out in a bin at Erinsborough High, Amy Greenwood’s daughter Zara became the prime suspect, having an apparent history of starting fires. Zara was actually being set up by bullies Aubrey Laing and Sadie Rodwell, Andrew’s daughter, but believing that Zara was the bad influence, Andrew attempted to keep Sadie away from her. However, matters escalated when a bigger fire at the school broke out, and Mackenzie Hargreaves became trapped, with her boyfriend Hendrix Greyson having to go in and save her. With Zara now facing serious charges, Sadie began to feel guilty about the way she and Aubrey had been behaving, eventually breaking down and confessing everything to Hendrix, admitting that Aubrey had wanted to get Zara to leave town, and she’d just been doing whatever Aubrey wanted for years. Having finally confessed to the police, Sadie was charged and expelled from the school.

After learning that 26 Ramsay Street was on the market, Andrew and Wendy decided that it would be perfect for them, and put in an offer, but their first few weeks living on the street weren’t to be easy ones. As the effects of the school fire continued to be felt, Sadie was left devastated when she found out that, due to the smoke inhalation and an underlying condition, Hendrix was going to need a lung transplant. It seemed that Mackenzie and Hendrix had forgiven Sadie for her part in the whole sorry affair, as they invited the Rodwells to their wedding. But tragedy struck only days later when Hendrix died, as his body rejected the new lung following the transplant operation. Already desperate to show how sorry she was for the fire, Sadie struggled following Hendrix’s death, writing a letter to Mackenzie, and even putting herself in danger when she tried to make up for everything by going with her now friend Zara to track down evil Corey Smythe-Jones. The plan almost ended in tragedy when Sadie was knocked out, and Corey kidnapped Zara, but she acted quickly and drugged Corey. Whilst Andrew rescued his daughter, Zara drove Corey’s car back to Ramsay Street and he was arrested.

After their difficult start on Ramsay Street, and having overstretched themselves by buying the house, the Rodwells had quickly considered selling up. Though they initially changed their minds, when a couple of other Ramsay Street residences were put up for sale, Andrew and Wendy decided to sell no. 26. However, when people then started to change their minds about going, it triggered another domino effect and almost everyone, including the Rodwell family, decided to stick around.

Over the next couple of years, Andrew developed a close friendship with Toadie Rebecchi, as well as regularly jamming with Mike Young and Karl Kennedy. But the harmony that seemed to have descended on Ramsay Street came to an abrupt end when the Varga-Murphy family - mums Remi and Cara, and their sons, JJ and Dex - came to stay. The family were temporarily staying at 24 Ramsay Street, while owners Mike and Jane were visiting the UK, and it seemed that Andrew had made an impression on JJ when he approached him to ask questions about joining the police. Andrew was pleased to help, but when JJ was later caught by Sadie inside no. 26 when nobody was home, claiming that he’d let himself in to borrow some milk, then Wendy’s watch went missing, accusations started flying. As the two families argued in the street, the Varga-Murphys announced that they had bought no. 30 and would be staying and, to make matters worse, Cara had been given the job of Building Manager at Lassiters, a job Wendy had hoped to get for herself. The following week, Wendy admitted to Andrew that she’d found the watch - the day after accusing JJ of stealing it - and that she’d been snooping into Cara’s work records, believing that there was something shoddy about her. Andrew forced her to stop obsessing about Cara, and to go to the Varga-Murphys and tell them the truth about the watch.

With Wendy’s actions causing a rift between the two families, things worsened when she brought the Linwell brothers to the Varga-Murphys’ door. Having contacted them after noticing that they’d been left off of her CV, Wendy had unwittingly told them where Cara was now living, and with Cara due to testify against them in a legal case about their unsafe work practices, they were keen to find her and shut her up. After breaking Remi’s car window and sabotaging a fan that Cara had put up at The Waterhole, they sent an envelope containing a white powder to the Varga-Murphys. Remi opened it and, concerned that it was anthrax, she sent Cara and the boys out of the house. JJ went and found Andrew, who attempted to keep everyone calm as they waited for tests to be done, as Wendy, who was forced to admit her part in the whole thing, managed to sneak into no. 30, not wanting Remi to suffer alone. When the tests showed that the substance was actually baking powder, everyone was relieved, but a huge argument broke out as Cara blamed Wendy and insisted that the two families should have nothing to do with each other.

It was then that JJ blurted out his secret - he believed that Andrew could be his biological father. JJ explained that he’d found the diary belonging to Phillipa Wade, Cara’s best friend who had died. All those years ago, Andrew, who had also known Phillipa, had offered to give her and her girlfriend a sperm sample when they’d wanted to have a baby, but she’d changed her mind when she and her girlfriend split up. Andrew also had second thoughts about the whole thing, with Wendy and a very young Sadie at home, and Phillipa had assured him that she’d destroyed the sample. However, she had given it to Cara, who, with wife Remi, had been trying to get pregnant using an anonymous American donor. Having used both samples, then fallen pregnant, Cara was unsure who the father was, but had kept this to herself, thinking that nobody would ever have to know. As Remi and Wendy struggled to deal with what they were hearing, both marriages suffered, with Wendy struggling to understand how Andrew could have done something like that. As Andrew had been giving driving lessons to JJ and getting to know him, Wendy wondered if he wanted the boy to be his son, so that he could finally have the second child that she’d been unable to give him.

When DNA test results showed that Andrew and JJ were not related, Wendy still found it difficult to forgive her husband, whilst he tried to get his head around the whole thing, he asked to see Phillipa’s diary, surprised by what he read, and then quickly going to ask Cara if she knew what was written on some of the pages that had been torn out. Cara had no idea, and when Andrew later mentioned his concerns about the diary to Wendy, she reacted badly. Andrew agreed not to mention it again, and although the arguments between them then settled down, Wendy still had a great deal of resentment over what had happened.

A few weeks later, Andrew was called out to a protest about the closure of Erinsborough High School. As the protests got out of hand and people started breaking into the school, Andrew was shocked to learn that Wendy had organised the protests, along with Sadie and Nicolette. Though the police and security managed to get everyone out of the building, Melanie Pearson was left badly injured and Nicolette was arrested and charged for her part in proceedings. Feeling that she was getting preferential treatment, Wendy marched into the police station and demanded that she also be arrested, knocking some pens off the front desk when she wasn't taken seriously. She was then finally charged and taken for questioning, but the tension remained at home. Realising just how unhappy his wife was, Andrew finally found a way to get through to her when he gave her a Christmas gift - a sketch of the two of them with Sadie. He made it clear to her that, no matter what had happened in the past, his wife and daughter were enough for him, and he didn't want another child. Wendy then admitted that she'd always felt like a failure for not being able to give him a second child, and that feeling of inadequacy had followed her around ever since. She admitted that hearing about Phillipa had brought up a lot of those old feelings, but she now knew that she had to figure out a way to fit in, and feel worthy, in her family. Having patched things up and finally reached a turning point, Andrew and Wendy decided to take a short break to the beach together.

With things back on track for Wendy and Andrew, the family soon faced some new conflict when Sadie admitted that she didn't want to take up her university place to study childcare. With Wendy determined that her daughter wasn't going to throw her life away on her planned career as a make-up artist, she attempted to put in the university application behind her daughter's back, leaving Sadie threatening to move out. When Andrew then visited Sadie at no. 32, where she'd asked if she could move in, he made her see that Wendy's behaviour was because of her own fears that she'd wasted her life. Though Andrew said that he would still support Sadie if she really wanted to move out, she admitted that she wasn't really ready, and they returned home where Wendy apologised for her behaviour, telling Sadie that she could do whatever she wanted with her life, and then announced that she was going to apply to university herself, ultimately deciding that she was going to train to be an art teacher.

When Sadie then refused her parents' offer to pay for the remainder of the course, they were pleased that she seemed to be showing such a mature approach, wanting to work and pay off the debt herself. However, when David Tanaka died suddenly, after a fight broke out between him and Eden Shaw, Sadie worked out that Paul Robinson had been responsible for sending Eden in David's direction, hoping that Eden could be the thing that split up Leo and Krista. With Paul blaming Krista for what had happened, and being very public with his accusations, Sadie finally snapped when Paul started verbally assaulting Krista during David's wake, and she blurted out what she knew. Wendy and Andrew were shocked to learn that Sadie had managed to get videos from the hotel's CCTV to prove her theory, and that she'd taken Paul's money to pay for her course, in return for her spying on Leo and Krista's relationship. They made it clear to Sadie that what she'd done was wrong, but admitted that maybe their own behaviour, with Wendy asking Sadie to take photos of Cara's CV, and Andrew not telling his wife about donating sperm to Philippa, could have made Sadie think that she was doing nothing wrong.

Just as that drama was coming to an end, the Rodwells were hit with a new problem when Andrew's brother, Felix, got in touch, due to be released from prison on parole and wanted to stay with the family.

Trivia Notes
• When Andrew first appeared in 2018, he was played by David Lamb for his first three episodes. Lloyd Will then took over the role from episode 8503 in 2020, as the character started to appear on more of a recurring basis
• The character of Andrew became a regular cast member in 2022
• Andrew has a shellfish allergy

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