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Lisa Tucker 2014

After being adopted as a baby, Lisa Tucker had a difficult life, with her adoptive mother making it clear that she only wanted her because of the extra welfare payments. When her adoptive father went to prison, Lisa found herself kicked out of the house and living on the streets for a while, before finding work in a shop and making plans to study and open her own cafe. She also started trying to find her birth parents, and after reading a post on an internet forum that seemed to fit with what she knew of her own history, she got in touch with Bailey Turner. Bailey was looking for his half-sister, the daughter of his mum Lauren and Brad Willis. Lauren had only just found out that the baby she thought had died at birth had actually been illegally adopted out and, after informing Brad that he had another child from their short relationship 20 years earlier, the Turner and Willis families decided to start searching. Without any of the adults' knowledge, Bailey had posted on the internet forum which reunited missing family members, and when Lisa's reply came in, he told his mum, who phoned Lisa and insisted that they would arrange for her to fly down and meet everyone the next day.

A hopeful Lisa arrived in Erinsborough to meet Lauren and Brad, along with their families - Lauren's husband Matt and their teenaged children Amber and Bailey, as well as Brad's wife Terese and their teenaged twins Josh and Imogen. At first, Lisa lied and claimed that her adoptive parents had been killed in a car accident three years earlier, but her facade started to slip when she later said that it had happened five years earlier, and she also began to panic when she learnt that Matt worked as a police officer. As Lisa started to get to know Amber and Imogen, they were all getting along well, but Terese had her doubts about the whole thing, confronting Lisa about the holes in her story and warning her that, if she was lying, she needed to own up now and avoid a lot of heartache for everyone involved. Lisa then told Brad and Lauren the truth about her parents, admitting that she was worried that they'd think less of her if they'd known what her life had really been like. As Lauren and Lisa chatted later, Lauren admitted that she felt terrible that her daughter had to endure such a difficult life, then ended up cutting herself as she was chopping vegetables through the tears.

At the hospital, Lisa suggested that they should make enquiries about getting a DNA test done, but nurse Georgia offered the quicker solution of checking their blood types first. Once they'd all figured out what blood type they were, Georgia told them that it was impossible that Lisa was Brad and Lauren's child, leaving them all heartbroken, particularly Lauren. A couple of weeks after their difficult goodbye to Lisa, Lauren started making plans to invite the young girl back to town and give her a job and somewhere to live, but at the last minute, she realised that it was a bad idea.


Biography by Steve