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Year by Year > 1995: Episodes 2291-2530

Network Ten airdates: 02/01/1995-01/12/1995

BBC 1 airdates: 25/08/1995-25/07/1996

UK Gold airdates: 13/08/2001-12/07/2002

Number of episodes: 240

Regular Cast: Helen Daniels, Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin (second casting), Hannah Martin, Annalise Hartman, Cody Willis (second casting), Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Stonefish Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz, Louise Carpenter,

Joining Cast: Joanna Hartman, Jen Handley, Luke Handley, Angie Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Colin Taylor

Departing Cast: Rick Alessi, Mark Gottlieb, Serendipity Gottlieb, Colin Taylor

Notable Guests: Ling Mai Chan, Bianca Zanotti, Janine Stark, Patrick Kratz, Tarquin Hartman

1995 saw the arrival of a new producer, risqué storylines and Neighbours filming on location in Africa... But was it any good? Not really. Unfortunately, in actual fact, 1995 is generally renowned as one of the most boring and uneventful years in the show's history...

The 1995 season begins summing up the events in the 1994 season finale, which saw Annalise being jilted at the alter by husband-to-be Mark, Squirrel telling Sam he was the father of her unborn child, Cheryl being told by Lou that the woman she saw him with was his daughter, and Karl's reputation ruined when son Malcolm told a surgery full of people that Karl murdered a patient back in the country.

Devastated and humiliated, Annalise tried to reason with Mark over what had happened, but she soon realised that Mark had firmly made up his mind - his future was with religion, not with her. The pair go their separate ways, and Annalise shuts Mark out completely. She turns her attentions to Sam, who has been secretly in love with Annalise since he arrived. The two admit that they have feelings for each other, but agree that it is too soon to act on them. Sam is worried about his reputation after the accusations Squirrel has been spreading around, but they were soon cleared up after Squirrel told Danni who the real father was. As time went on, Annalise and Sam realised they couldn't resist each other, and decided to start dating. At this time, Mark realised that he still had feelings for Annalise, and asked her to marry him and live a Christian lifestyle like his own. She rejects his offer, and eventually after much hostility, Annalise learns to tolerate Mark again.

Cheryl was shocked that Lou kept his daughter, Ling Mai, a secret from her. Lou explained that it was only because he was worried how she would react. Cheryl welcomed Ling Mai into the family, but told Lou to not crowd her. Eventually, Ling Mai decided to return back home, happy that she had met her real father and promised to stay in touch with him. Then it was Cheryl's turn to shock Lou. Her daughter Janine turned up on her doorstep, apparently on leave from the Navy. However, Cheryl soon discovered that she had jumped ship, because she was in an abusive relationship. When Janine's boyfriend Scott came round to speak to her, he busted down the door and strangled Cheryl. Luckily for Cheryl and Janine, Lou came back just in the nick of time and saw that Scott was never to be within sniffing distance of the family again.

Marlene had taken street kid Bianca under her wing and had given her a job and a place to stay. With the help of Phil, she tried to teach her how to behave in job interviews, as she didn't have any qualifications. Sam gave her some work at Handy Sam's. After staying in Erinsborough for a short while, she eventually left when she reconciled with her parents.

Phil began seeing Molly, a lady he met in the newsagency. His family commented how similar she looked to his deceased wife Julie, who had died the year before after falling from a roof. Everyone realised Phil was only with Molly because of her resemblance to Julie, and Hannah decided to drive her away. One method was being rude to her, the other was by trying to poison her! Molly realised she was not welcome in the household, found out about Julie, and decided to break off the relationship. However, that wasn't exactly the end of romantic encounters for Phil. Cody's friend Jen, who she met through their classes at University, took a shine to Phil, despite the fact that she was considerably younger than him. At first Phil thought Jen's interest in him was nothing but sympathy, but when he found out how she really felt about him, he had no idea how to act around her. Helen told him to take it one step at a time, and eventually the relationship blossomed, and Jen moved into 26 with Phil and his family. Luckily for Jen, Hannah warmed to Jen, after she told Hannah that she had no intention of taking Julie's place.

Romance was also on the cards for Hannah, who fell for her first real boyfriend, Lance Hails. Previously, Hannah had tried to win boys over by dressing up and flirting, but when she realised that wasn't working, she took Jen's advice, which was the let the boys come to her. With this new back-seat attitude, Lance realised he liked Hannah, and consequently pursued her. They dated for a few months, but Hannah eventually lost interest and ended the relationship.

Of course, Hannah was not the only teenager in Ramsay Street to be under the influence of love. Danni and Mal started a relationship, and wanted to be taken seriously by their parents. They decided to move into 32 and live together. Naturally, life was hard in the house, with them barely having enough money to get by. The pair soon realised that paying bills, studying and earning enough to live on their own was harder than they initially thought, so they invited their friend Stonie to move in with them to split the cost.

Stonie also had his share of romance when he hooked up with Cody soon after her boyfriend Rick left to help run the Darwin branch of Lassiter's. Cody and Stonie's relationship was initially fun, but after a while Cody grew tired of his childish behaviour, and set her sights on her mature University lecturer, Adrian. Adrian also felt attracted to Cody, which made Jen try to talk Cody out of spending so much time with him. When Cody stopped seeing Adrian, she saw that her marks in his classes suffered and that she wasn't being treated fairly. She tried to speak to the University about it, but they were little help. Adrian became obsessive with Cody, and ended up two-timing her with his long-term girlfriend, telling each girl a different story about how the other was 'psychotic' over him. Cody eventually had a restraining order put on him.

Stonie's mother Angie moved into 32 shortly after he did, much to the horror of Danni and Mal. They realised their dream home was not what they thought it would be, and decided to return back to their own families, leaving Angie and Stonie to live in Number 32. Angie's other son Toadie soon moved in with them and befriended Billy, leading him into all sorts of trouble.

Billy and Melissa began dating each other, and both wanted to share new experiences with each other. In a storyline that was completely cut from the BBC episodes, Billy and Melissa decided they wanted a sexual relationship. When Melissa's parents found out about this, they decided to break the couple up and threatened to move Melissa to another school. Billy eventually convinced her parents that he did genuinely love their daughter, and wasn't after her simply for sex. Eventually, her parents allowed them to see each other, and Billy and Melissa both realised that they weren't ready for a sexual relationship. Billy's sister Libby also got into a relationship - with the good-looking school football hero, Rupert Sprod. They dated each other for a while until Libby realised that he had cheated on her at a party.

When Mark was at a night club, he bumped into Lucy Robinson, who was performing at the club as a go-go dancer. She was reluctant to go home to her family at first, but when Mark told her that her sister Julie had died, she decided she ought to go home. In her time away, Lucy had divorced her husband, and turned to drink and drugs for comfort. Mark saw Lucy as a new project, and tried his best to help her through her problems. Lucy and Mark soon became inseparable, and they soon realised they had feelings for each other. Obviously, Mark couldn't act on these feelings, so Lucy decided to take a job in New York with her aunt Rosemary, and would be waiting for Mark if he ever changed his mind.

Mark's sister, Serendipity, decided to go into the fashion business with Danni after seeing her designs, which led to a falling out with Danni's grandmother, Marlene, who discovered Danni's talent and helped her to develop her skills. Serendipity became extremely business-orientated, often being cruel to her brother and Danni in order to make sure she was taken seriously. She got mixed up with a rich fashion designer, because the allure of fast cars and expensive outfits was too much for her. However, she later discovered that the designer was employing immigrants to make the clothes for next to nothing. She finally saw sense, and was made sure the company was investigated. The stress of the business led to her having a nervous breakdown. Once she recovered, she abandoned it all in and decided to resort back to her calming hippy ways.

Helen had her portion of romance too. Whilst in Marlene's shop, she met a man called Rueben, who said he had always admired her work as an artist. The two had a lot in common, and Marlene egged Helen on, saying she should get to know him better. A series of dates followed, and it wasn't long before Helen realised that she was in love with Reuben. The feeling was mutual, and the couple agreed to marry after Rueben told Helen that he had a terminal illness, and his time could be up anytime. Rueben and his son didn't exactly see eye to eye, and Rueben hadn't told him about his condition. Helen tried her best to help the two sort out their differences, and eventually told his son about his condition. Rueben's son made peace with his father, and shortly afterwards, tragedy struck when, just days after being married, Rueben died peacefully one afternoon in the back garden. Helen was naturally devastated, but knew it was coming, and was thankful for the little time they had together.

Mark's new Christian attitude became more and more extreme as the year progressed. He told Karl that his daughter Libby's skirt was too short, told Phil that he was living in sin with Jen, and went around with a holier-than-thou attitude, irritating all the residents. A series of near-death experiences convinced Mark that he was invincible, and whilst helping Lou clean his gutters, Mark slipped off the roof and plunged to the concrete driveway below.

Annalise's long lost sister Jo turned up on her doorstep, which was bad timing, as she was about to leave for a trip around Europe. Annalise decided to stay to get to know her sister better. Jo rubbed everyone up the wrong way, by being overly nice and too chirpy in the morning! Cody let Jo know her feelings for her on more than one occasion, and every time Jo tried to do someone a favour, it would backfire on her. Annalise hung around to meet her real father, and was embarrassed to learn that he was a female impersonator. Jo, however, didn't seem at all phased by this. Annalise was embarrassed and distraught, as she had always built her dad up in her mind to be strong, manly and heroic. He turned out to be none of these things, but she managed to learn to love him eventually.

Mark ended up in a coma after the fall, and for a while it was touch and go. However, he eventually awoke from the coma, and no longer had his strong, condescending attitude, or wanted to be a priest. He returned to his first love of cooking and left Erinsborough to be a TV chef. It wasn't soon after this, that Ren and Luke, who had since become a couple, decided to start a new life in Japan.

Annalise had begun to tutor Stonie in English, as she had become a published poet not long before. Annalise and Sam began to argue a lot, and disagree on most things. Annalise used her time with Stonie to forget about her life with Sam. As you may have guessed, one thing led to another with the pair, and they began to embark on a secret affair.

Susan and Brett's lives were about to change when they had the chance to go to Africa for a competition. Brett competed heavily with Libby for the chance to go, and won. Libby at first was angry, but eventually gave her best friend her blessing. They set off for Africa, even though Brett's mother Cheryl was far from happy with the idea of him being so far away and for so long. Whilst in Africa, they both underwent major changes. Susan confessed to Brett that she had killed her mother, by helping her to die. She admitted that she hadn't even told Karl about it. Brett realised that he was not going to let Cheryl have a hold on him anymore, and decided to not go to University, but to travel instead.

Annalise and Stonie's behaviour became weirder around their friends, and people started noticing things. One night, temptation got the better of them and they decided to sleep together. The pair were caught in the act by Sam himself, and Stonie's mother.

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Production Notes
The BBC cut the entire storyline of Danni and Mal discussing sex, along with Danni's subsequent pregnancy scare for content reasons. Much of the excised material can be seen in the site's Multimedia section.
The location material recorded in Africa was apparently re-edited into a 90-minute special, Neighbours: Africa Dreaming, though it is unknown which, if any, markets it actually aired in.

Review by Billy

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