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Bossy 2012-2016
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street

After coming to the conclusion that they may never have a baby of their own, Toadie and Sonya found various ways to cope, including getting a dog. After a visit to the animal rescue centre, they couldn't make a decision, but Kyle, who had gone with them, immediately fell in love with a Kelpie puppy and decided to buy it as a birthday present for his girlfriend Jade. Back on Ramsay Street, Toadie and Sonya had settled on the same Kelpie themselves, and were disappointed when Kyle returned home with her. The puppy then caused further problems when Jade overheard various conversations and mistakenly thought that Kyle was going to propose, though she was only slightly less impressed by the responsibility of looking after a dog.

It wasn't long before Jade fell in love with the new addition to the house and, after a few days of indecision, the name Bossy was settled on, after Kyle's gran Sheila told Jade that she'd have to be more bossy with the pup to earn her respect. Bossy soon became a loyal companion to Kyle at home and at his builder's yard, and remained with him later that year when Kyle and Jade split up and she moved to Los Angeles.

Over the years, Bossy stayed by Kyle's side during the various upheavals in his life, including a new relationship with, and later marriage to, Georgia Brooks, and the death of his good friend, Kate Ramsay. Bossy also managed to cause a little chaos of her own, when she stole Kyle's protective glasses during the 2013 eclipse, causing him to be temporarily blinded, and when she ran out of the house during the tornado in 2014, leaving Georgia to risk her life by running outside after her. Bossy also had a couple of other scrapes with danger, when she was bitten by a snake, leading to a huge argument between Kyle and Georgia, and when she was attacked by Napoleon, the dog belonging to Will Dampier, who was dating Kyle's housemate, Chris.

By 2016, Kyle was living with his gran, Sheila, his new partner Amy Williams and her nine-year-old son, Jimmy. Bossy seemed to adjust well to the various comings and goings at 26 Ramsay Street, so everyone was surprised when she started being aggressive and biting people. After Jimmy was bitten on the hand, Amy began to worry about his safety, but they were all in for a shock when Amy's dad Paul reported Bossy, and the ranger turned up to investigate. Kyle had already taken Bossy to the vet to try to get to the bottom of her behaviour, and was upset to learn that she had a brain tumour which would require an expensive operation. Unable to afford the treatment, Kyle resolved himself to losing his best friend, but at the last-minute Amy managed to do a deal with the vet to pay the debt by maintaining their gardens for them. Bossy underwent her operation and was home a few weeks later, proving to be even more protective of Kyle than before, as she managed to leap onto the bed whenever Kyle and Amy were trying to get intimate, and eventually had to be shut out of the bedroom.

After Kyle and Amy had been together for several months, Georgia got back in touch, looking to give the marriage another try, and asking Kyle to join her in Germany, where she'd been offered a nursing job. Realising that he wanted to be with Georgia, Kyle made the painful decision to leave Australia, and he and Bossy left Ramsay Street.

Trivia Notes
Bossy is a female Australian Kelpie.
Bossy was just 9 weeks old when she started filming.
Following the death of Audrey, producers were keen to introduce another dog to Ramsay Street, therefore Bossy was brought in as a companion to Kyle

Biography by Steve