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Courtney Grixti 2015, 2016
Parents: Tim Collins
Occupation: Barmaid at The Waterhole

One of The Waterhole's barmaids, Courtney Grixti was unimpressed when Lassiter's Hotel manager Terese Willis was late after calling everyone in for a staff meeting one morning. When Terese did eventually arrive, Courtney was even less impressed with the announcement that the staff were going to have to cut down on the amount of free drinks and meals they were having, as some people were clearly taking advantage of the system.

A few weeks later, Courtney was closing up the bar for the night, and Terese's son Josh was still hanging around, after a disastrous evening in which he'd failed to meet any girls. Soon Courtney was suggesting that he hung around to have a (non-alcoholic) drink with her, and they spent the night back at his place. This led to awkwardness the next morning, with Terese irritated that one of her employees was having breakfast with her. Though Josh insisted to his mum that it was just a one-night thing, as Courtney left, he asked if they could see each other again, and she was happy to agree. Things then developed further when Josh asked Courtney to come on a camping trip with him, unaware that his sisters Imogen and Paige, as well as his pregnant ex-girlfriend Amber, had gone to the same place in an attempt to stop obsessing over men. Though everyone else was surprised by the coincidence, Courtney took it all in her stride.

Soon after, facing problems at home, Josh asked Courtney if he could stay with her for a few nights. She was happy to agree, and she and Amber then helped Nate to figure out if Aaron fancied him, by reading his body language. Though Josh was uncomfortable with his current fling and his pregnant ex getting along so well, he went along with the strange situation, but when Courtney realised that Josh was actually hoping to move in with her on a more long-term basis, she told him that things were getting a bit too serious for her and that their brief fling was over.

The following year, Courtney became involved when Paige and Mark's joint hen's and buck's nights were taking place at Lassiter's, with their friends taking part in themed challenges. Tyler had been tasked with getting someone to sit through an episode of Doctor Who - Mark's favourite TV show - with him, but he had to cheat by describing an episode to Courtney as she worked behind the bar. Meanwhile, Piper, Josh and Imogen's 16-year-old sister, was jealously watching on, having almost become involved with Tyler herself, and she was upset to see Tyler and Courtney kissing at the end of the night, and still together when they walked into Harold's Cafe the next morning. As she realised that Piper was always around, Courtney got Tyler to admit his short-lived relationship with her, and Courtney told him that he had to make a choice - her or Piper.

With Tyler and Courtney then spending more and more time together, Piper's jealousy only grew. When she saw Courtney talking to Tim Collins, she immediately jumped to the conclusion that they were having a secret affair, and put the footage up on her blog, Pipe Up! Though Piper claimed that she'd done it to help Sonya, who was running against Tim as Erinsborough's new Mayor, her main aim was actually to split up Tyler and Courtney. The plan failed, as it was revealed that Tim was actually Courtney's dad - and they both intended to take legal action. However, after realising that Piper was just a bit mixed-up over her feelings for Tyler, Courtney convinced her dad that an apology in the newspaper would suffice - though Piper's actions seemed to have marked the end of her friendship with Tyler.

The following week, Courtney and Tyler helped Tim put up posters and prepare for his final debate before the Mayoral election. Courtney was disappointed as her father laid into Sonya, bringing up her past addiction problems and suggesting that her #ImYou campaign should be renamed #ImAnExJunkie. When Courtney later found out that Tim had tried to get Tyler to ask Sonya some questions about her addiction problems in front of everyone, she was furious, both with her boyfriend and her dad, and ended up spraying #ImScum on the windscreen of Tim's car. As Sonya got the blame for the incident, Courtney had to admit to what she'd done, which led to her turning up on Tyler's doorstep, explaining that she needed somewhere to stay as she'd moved out of home. Unfortunately, Courtney's presence at 24 Ramsay Street soon started to annoy Tyler, as she attempted to organise his time, pick out his outfits and tried to look to a long-term career away from mechanics. During an afternoon by the pool, Courtney started encouraging everyone to take personality tests and career quizzes, and Tyler had finally had enough. He confided in Imogen that he felt that he'd made a mistake in allowing Courtney to move in, so Imogen offered some advice on letting her down gently. The plan failed, however, with Courtney deciding that if they couldn't live together for just a few days, then it probably didn't bode well for their future, and she ended the relationship, packed her bags and left.

Courtney's new friendship with Paige continued, however, as both attempted to move on from their recent splits from a Brennan brother. Whilst Courtney was happy to move on from Tyler, she felt that Paige still had feelings for Mark, after their relationship had ended abruptly after a disaster of a wedding day. The girls decided to go out to a club together, with Courtney using the excuse of picking up a lipstick she'd left behind, so that she and Paige could call in at the Brennan house and show their exes that they weren't dwelling on the past. But the next day, with Paige making every excuse possible to avoid calling any of the guys she'd met the night before, Courtney decided to set her up on a date - but Paige was in for a shock when that date turned out to be their uni lecturer, Noel.

A few months later, Courtney and Paige were at The Waterhole, when they bumped into Tyler. Having dated a series of losers, she decided that she might like to give things another try with her ex, and suggested to Paige, who was nursing a broken heart over Jack, that she should throw a house party. Delighted to spot Tyler at the party, Courtney did her best to flirt with him, and asked for Paige's help to get them back together, but by the end of the night, it seemed that Tyler was no longer interested in her, so Courtney left with new friend Elly, whilst Tyler stayed to help Paige clean up - and as the old friends spent the evening flirting with each other, they ended up waking up in bed together the next morning.

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Biography by Steve